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Piedmont July 2nd and 5th

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by cheezemm2, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. cheezemm2

    cheezemm2 Ohio State Alumni 05'

    Fished out of edgewater both times, once just banking it in the evening(2nd) and the other out on the boat(5th) On the 2nd I had the girl w/me so we concentrated on panfish for the most part and had one rig thrown out for cats. Caught about 15 large gills and lots of small ones too, 1 fat carp, and a small cat. She was entertained and actually enjoyed the day...Oh, and I caught a stinkpot turtle(first time ever on hook/line) All fish were released for another day...

    On the 5th my dad and I took the boat out and tried to hit the weedline to pick up some saugeye for dinner....1 small dink early and that was it...caught 1 cat early on too, then nothin from about 7am. till 11...we stopped by a rather obvious tree that looks like it would be fished everyday of the week and spot something schooling the baitfish and jumping like crazy...3 dad puts on a bobber and a large jig and tosses it...I tell him he's dreaming/crazy and no more than 2 secs that bobber goes down FAST...wraps him up in the timber and we then play the waiting game...18" channel finally comes in...we caught about 2 more around this size and those went home instead of any saugeye...1 was full of eggs, so I'm guessing they are or about to spawn in piedmont...Does this mean the rivers should almost be done? I'm headed to the Sandusky this weekend and hoping with the shallower water that the cats are done spawning since the warmer water, but it is further north...Thoughts?
  2. I also tried for some eyes down at that end of the lake about the same time you were there. I came up with nothing. One about 9 inches long. Cats are only hitting for me at night. Bass are starting to hit again early and late. Glad to here you take the girl fishing. Its a lifetime of memories.