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piedmont for the first time

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Gfhteen, Jul 15, 2004.

  1. my grandpa and i are taking a trip to piedmont friday with our boat...we have never fished it b4 and i was wondering in what areas might the big cats hold. how deep,structure ect.. we will be out from late aternoon and into the night
  2. Take the time to stop in and speak to Jim Corey. He is on rt 250, 5 miles East of the 250/800 intersection. He will give you the current information and best working techniques.

  3. If this is your first time there, you will find it to be a great lake. I don't fish for cats, but all I hear is that its best at the south end. I also have heard of some big shovel heads coming from Indian Run which is in the middle of the lake. Either way, you will love the lake. My first trip came about 25 years ago and I still think its great. All that we ask is to keep it a secret. Good luck
  4. hey thanks alot for the info..ill let you know how we do...but i looked on a map and souldnt find where 250 and 800 crossed..did u maybe mean 800 and 22?

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    It is about a half hour drive out of your way each direction, but may still be worth it. Corey is top notch! But do not tell him I admitted that to you.

    When you look on the map, look just north of Tappan lake and that is where Corey's shop sits. Cripple Creek. The store is actually about 3-4 miles north of Tappan on 250. From Piedmont you could follow 800 to 250, or just run 22 to 250 north. It all depends on how far out of you way you want to go.
  6. Doesn't a road like 799 or something like that come off of 800 and take you to 250. I can't remember because it has been a few years, but I used to get to Tappan from Piedmont by driving across Clendening Lake.... I don't have a map with me right now, but I'm sure I never went out to where 800 and 250 cross. I think it was a 7?? number. It was about a half hour or a little longer if I remember right.

  7. from Columbus I'd take 161 east to 16 east(where they merge together outside Granville) follow it all the way to Coshocton (16 ends there and turns into Us 36) stay on 36 east till it ends outside Urichsville (36 and 250 South combine there in U-ville ) Turn left on 250 south bait shop not far from I thought lol there ,be on the left
    sounds like a lot but it's a straight shot basically just roads end and change rt numbers
  8. well guys i just got back ( its 1:45 in the morning) wish i had good news but i dont.. we met a really nice asain guy at the ramp that was going after s-eyes and he told us that if he were going after cats he would got near the lilly pads and float chicken livers we did...we also had goldfish/blugills and shrimp out......we started out nice...we trolled really slow on the way to the lilly padd area and cauht 2 small smallmouths and a small crappie but other than that we didnt get a single bite.....i was hoping tonight would be the magic night that would catch my first flat..oh well nice ride over there and it a great looking lake i enjoyed myself even thought i didnt get and big cats....maybe i should have tried for saugeyes like everyone else who was going out