Piedmont bass report

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  1. Just got back from three days of hard bass fishing at Piedmont. Caught alot of bass. Mostly 9-13" stuff. It seems that the spawn is over and all of the males are on shore. Small cranks, white spinners baits, and tubes did it for me. Talked to others and the big females are hard to come by now. The eyes most be on. I saw a bunch of boats drifting at the shallow end. Does anyone know an eye report?
  2. I fished Piedmont today......5-22-07

    10 bass....S.M.AND L.M......sizes from 9" to 19"<<LM
    Bass was every where along the shorelines!! Just couldn't get them to bite all the time.

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    is the spawn over??? or just begining??? at seneca last weekend, the males were just making beds. we saw just 2 females up with them, but none seemed like they were protecting anything. just hanging around the bed. usually those males will be pretty defensive of the nest until the fry go on their own. we haven't seen any fry yet.
  4. I don't know about the spawn. It seems that it should still be going on. I heard that its three weeks behind. I have not seen many females on beds. I figured that it was over because of all the males shallow. Maybe they were just making the beds. Anyway, it should be getting better as the water warms.
  5. chop i heard we are 3 weeks behind too. we are headed up this weekend and will be bassin some. i will check back.