Piebald Deer

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  1. Over the opening archery weekend while hunting at "Southern Buckeye Whitetails" one of my buddies shot a piebald doe. We were trying to figure out the stats on hunters harvesting piebalds. Anyone know???? Pics come soon to www.COLEOUTDOORS.com
  2. Any stats you may find are going to be skewed. Reason being, piabalds are much more common in some areas than others. In areas with highly overpopulated herds, there will obviously be more than those areas with low deer densities. Regardless, it’s a very unique trophy.

  3. It seems that I see one every few years in my area, not just in my hunting area but in my travel around the area. I know that does nothing to give you stats but it does indicate that they are there somewhat regularly. There are probably some statistics to be found on the odds of occurrence of piebald deer (genetic studies). I would guess that those statistics would be more informative than anything that we could collect from this type of setting. Like M.Magis mentioned the deer densities from one area to another can really skew the figures greatly.
  4. Thanks, your both right there is no good stats anywhere on that. I have heard of people seeing them around where I live and many people had seen this one or some down where he shot his. We did get the shot on footage though, so everyone will be able to see it.
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    I was able to find out through some phone calls that only three Does with antlers were checked in the year I shot mine in Ohio. It was in 2002.

    So the stats just might be out there, but you would have to make some phone calls and find out.

    Or they might have just made a number up to me, who knows! HA
  6. Yeah, I wonder how many got taken and the hunter never even noticed.;)
  7. Probably a few, bunch of them gun season city folks may not notice a certain group of items missing while gutting a deer....lol