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Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by traphunter, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. traphunter

    traphunter Guest

    heres some rocky fork trout :cool:
  2. traphunter

    traphunter Guest

    for some reason it wont post them? :confused:

  3. TimJC

    TimJC Carp Angler

    try uploading them to the member gallery and then copy and paste the link to the photo (right click on the photo and then select properties. Then highlight the link and right click and select copy. Then use the insert image button on the reply page and paste the link.)

    Or you can resize the image and increase compresion in an editing program to decrease the size to 39 kB for a JPG and use the "manage attachment" on the reply page.
  4. traphunter

    traphunter Guest

    does this work

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  5. traphunter

    traphunter Guest

    lol what up with that? Thats as big as it would let me get it. It said the picture was to big. Is that as big as they are allowed to be? :) :confused: