Pickwick Revisited W/O 4/27

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  1. Made the second trip to Pickwick the week of April 27th through May 1st.

    Fishing remains hot in the tailwater, and the conditions are good but you have to work for them a lot harder in the main lake. Both areas are at summer pool, with at least one turbine operating below the dam.

    We caught plenty of White bass with some hybrid stripers and pure stripers mixed in. The area is also loaded with huge skipjacks.

    Our largest striper was 8 pounds, hybrid 7 pounds, largemouth (main lake) 5 pounds, and smallmouth (main lake) 3 pounds.

    Again, plenty of action, great conditions, good food, comfortable accomodations and a great time.

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    Pigsticker State record bass or bust

    Nice fish! Looks like a beautiful mixed bag of bass of all kinds. Do you use shiners fishing the tailwaters for stripers?

  3. The locals do, but we used 100% artificial and did just fine - may have outfished them actually.

    I had one pole rigged with a five inch Kalin (Blue Pearl Salt/Pepper) grub, and the other one with a rattletrap. Caught nearly all of the fish in the tailwater with rattletraps.

    In the main lake used crank baits, flukes, and 3" Kalin Grubs (Erie Green and Blue Pearl Salt/Pepper).