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  1. Fellow OGF Members,
    I'm about to replace my 94 Silverado, 5.3L, V8 to continue towing my 18ft Trophy. I test drove an "08 Chev, 4.8L today. Is it adequate for my towing needs, or should I look into the 5.3L. Don't really care about high gas. That's part of life. I just want a confident ride, & best engine for the job:) :) .
    Thanks in advance for replies.
  2. ShakeDown

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    Go with the 5.3. I have an 08 w/5.3, and the active fuel management does kick in when I'm towing down the freeway. Every little bit helps :D

  3. Phil Carver

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    I will second sticking with the 5.3 verses the 4.8 liter. ZYou will actually get better fuel mileage when towing. :) On second thought , since fuel mileage isnt a concern go ahead and get the 6.0 and you will never even know that boat is back there! LOL Just kidding , I got the 6.0 in mine and only get 14.5 MPG every day driving or towing. :(
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    the 6.0 is a powerhouse though, won't loose mpg towing at all
  5. swap a 454 in the 1994 and not have a truck payment
  6. littleking

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    i have the 5.3 in a 2004 z71, love the engine, love the truck, had full load of mulch and full load of firewood, never knew either were back there
  7. I drive a '98 Sierra with the 4.8 I have had it for7 years. I have not had any difficulty pulling boats or trailers. At the same time, this is NOT the 350. You will know something is back there. The non-towing mileage is 20 on the highway. Pretty nice.
  8. SwollenGoat

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    Just FYI - your '94 likely has either a 350 (5.7L) or a 305 (5.0L), Chevy didn't start offering the 5.3 in trucks until after 2000.

    For towing I wouldn't hesitate, the 5.3 is the motor to go with unless you're towing some big behemoth and need the 6.0L or diesel. Plus, I've heard the 4.8L has to work too hard when towing and actually gets worse mileage than the 5.3 in those circumstances.
  9. You can pickup a 6.6L (05+ model year) still in warranty for around 22K right now!

    You'll never know anything is behind you unless it's 15K lbs and just set it on 70mph and go baby:) Plus the Ally has the Tow/Haul mode controls all the shifts by herself and you never really even touch the brakes! Oh and did I mention you'll get close to 20mpg unloaded and 15-17 towing....
  10. When thinking about that note, I am tempted to keep the '94 & upgrade the engine, paint, some minor electrical shorts, a AC compressor, manifold gasket... As you see, the list gets quite lengthy.
    Thanks to all the feedback. OGF is an awesome site with awesome individuals.

    Someone holler at me on a Chevy Silverado & Ford F150 comparison.
  11. Yes, I do have the 5,7; so, I would feel more comfortable with a 5.3L Silverado versus the 4.8.
    Thanks for the correction.
  12. UFM82

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    The Chevy Silverado does have a few points, #1 being mileage. I've continued to hear of mpg being better from the Chevy than the Ford. My F150 S'-Crew gets 18 on the hwy empty and drops to 13 or so towing my boat. It's a thirsty beast! I have the 5.4L in mine and it's 2WD.
    The Ford has it hands down as far as interior layout and finish IMHO but the Chevies seem to be "smoother" as far as engine feel. Louder but smoother and it's really hard to explain. My F150 rides better than my parent's Camry and my wife's Five Hundred and you don't hear the engine much even at highway speeds. The Chevy is louder like I said and the interior doesn't match up to the newer designs but they're functional. I hate the Chevy's instrument lay-out and controls. Not like I'd want them at all.
    The Ford/Chevy argument is one that will never end. Drive both and make the deal- they're giving them away right now- 0% deals, rebates, money off, etc. If you're a good haggler, you can steal one right now.

  13. if i was looking for a new truck i would go with a toyota tundra crew cab myself
  14. tubuzz2

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    Silverado has better gas milage the Toyota.
  15. Fish2day

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    I put a tonneau cover on my 03 Silverado 5.3 and get 25 mpg running either empty or a moderate load. 165 miles each way once every week. I add a LOT of miles to my truck. 120,000 in 3 years. Also use it to tow my 21 foot boat to Erie 20 + times a season. Great truck, Great engine. Had the 327 in my first Chevy, a '65 Impala. Now they insult it by calling it a "5.3 liter".
  16. Marshall

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    I have the 2007 Tundra double cab. It gets 19 to 20 mpg on the highway not towing and anywhere from 15 to 12mpg around columbus in start and stop traffic depending on how you drive. It got 16mpg towing my ranger to tennessee. But towing around columbus starting and stopping alot it gets around 12mpg. If you are in a hurry or in a bad mood your gas milage will be lower. Love the truck and has lots of power. All yea it has the 5.7L engine.
  17. I have both. The Chevy is 1990 1500 4.3 EFI. The Ford is 2005 F150 4.2 EFI
    Both are automatics. The Ford gets 16 MPG not towing 14/MPG Towing while my older gets 14 MPG not towing/12 not towing. Far as towing, I like the Ford better. The frame is bigger than any others new on the market. Also, comparing the 2, the Ford acts like there's nothing back there.

    I wonder if I can do a 305 or a 350 Upgrade on the 1990 chevy 4.3?

    I would do an engine upgrade and fix what ever cosmetics it needs if I were you, Restore and keep it in great condition.
  18. I did get a good deal on an '05 GMC Denali, 6.0L. I love it. I'll park it most of the time & get a little compact to drive to work; but, the Denali is sweeeet & so strong. Now I need a bed cap to match. They want over $1300!