pickled fish ?

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  1. I saw a recipe on pickled fish a couple weeks ago. I thought it was on here but now I can't find it. I copied it & made it & it came out great. Just needed to know how long it keeps in the fridge. It was cold pack method. Anyone help me out here on this ? Thanks.
  2. about three weeks as long as its pickled ........pickled meat or fish is considerd cooked and will last awhile i like pickeld bologna and fish its great .........

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    When I was doing a lot of it we had it for up to a yr. but normally none last that long, it was eaten first. You cold packed with out boiling the spices and letting them cool?
  4. I pickled rabbit this winter...as for shelf life with 3 boys I don't think it will ever go bad.
  5. Yeah Van, first soaked in brine & then vinegar.Then spices & white wine with vinegar were poured over the fish chunks & onions. It said to let penetrate for 3 days before eating. I wish I could remember where I saw the recipe, there was a lot of replies.