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    First off, hello everyone, this is my first pos and I'm new here.

    Today while at Gander Mountain looking for a new rod, I noticed the guy next to me swing some of the fishing rods like they were swords "gotta check the action." he said. He then made the comment he needed to get a new rod for his new baitcaster he got, problem was he was swinging spinning rods.

    This got me thinking......what do YOU look for when buying a new rod? How do you determine which rod is right for you?

    I have a few things I do and look for, but I wanted to hear what everyone else does?

    For instance, I fish almost exclusively with baitcast equipment, so I obviously don't shop for spinnin rods, I determine what size I need, action, etc. Make sure the rod has an exposed blank at the handle, IM6,7,8 etc... and so on.

    I think this could be an informative thread.....
  2. I always look for a fast or x-fast tip. Decent backbone but not too heavy and almost always 1pc rods if they are under 8'. I fish mainly spinning tackle so I tend to look for rods that have a long butt section of the handle since I am shore bound and want to make longer casts. I also fish cork handled rods exclusively. I don't own a single EVA foam rod and they only other style I fish would be cork-tape on my surf rods.


  3. I read a good article in In Fisherman about determining what kind of rod to buy, I'll see if I can find it online to post a link. I found it to be helpful to me.

    It talked about the difference between action and power - here is what it said -

    The primary, but most often misunderstood and poorly explained characteristics are power and action. Althouhg rods are often reffered to as light -or heavy action - these are power classifications....the more power- the more force required to flex it.

    Action refers to where the rod flexes - faster action means the rod flexes closer tot he tip while slow action (trolloing rods) bend (flex) evenly from butt to tip...
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    JF1.......welcome ........your first post brings up more questions and will get you a ton of answers......all based on personal opinions of all who reply.....All will give good choices .......But it still boils down to what fits your style (or styles) of fishing. What fish/what weight lures/heavy cover/ open water......you know the drill...... We all make wrong choices when we buy new tackle,,,,,but thats where it all lies....To find those things that we learn to like......hate.....or love.....Yes, it would be nice if we could only have a few choices ( for simplicity reasons)......but.....since there are hundred's of models on the market......One can only derive a general direction from all of the given information.......My point being.......find what feels good ....and fishes good..... You said that you have your own line of thought ....expand on that and dont get confused by too much input...... Best of luck...... Learn to trust yourself.........Jon Sr.
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    choosing the right rod isn't always as simple as it sounds.the action/power should be matched to the specific intended purpose.however,many of us just pick what "feels good".i try to do the former with certain rods,but when choosing a rod for multi purpose use,as many people do,you might want something close to mod to moderate/fast action,med/power.not everyone wants or has the need for a truckload of rods,so an all around rod or two makes sense.
    another problem for people who can't afford or don't want to buy higher priced rods,is those are usually the only ones that list power and action.many even list species and application,making choices easier.but most makers merely list rods by power,so you have to have a "feel" for the action you want.
  6. Misfit,

    What are you talking about? Every angler wants a truckload rods:D . Its like a nuclear arms race, a handful will do the job, but you still want many thousand.:B

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    LOL,jake.i knew i'd get banged for that one:D
    but there are those rare weekend warrior nimrod types tat haven't yet been infected like we have:D
    i keep trying to thin out my "truckload",but every time i get rid of one,it seems like two more grow back:eek:
    i've discovered at least four new rods and two reels in the last couple weeks:confused:
  8. ...JF1 ...BuckeyeFishinNut.hit the nail on the head we all want a truckload...the UPS driver just delivered a new rod today...I only own three baitcaster's and use them exclusively for trolling...all mine are spinning reels & rods...As for which one do I use...It all depends on what I want to take out on a particular day have caught fish on every rod I own...my rods range from 6 ft. to 10 ft....as to the baitcaster what ever fits your hand and wallet, we have enough experts out there to give you good advise.
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  9. I started taking a lure off the rack that is the size and type that I plan on fishing with the most. Then I hang it on the end of the rod in the package ( as long as the package isnt too heavy) it gives you a good feel for how the rod will handle certain size lures etc.
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    When I shop for a rod, I select the rod length that I want with the power I want and then I would grab the tip and bend it down and see how easily the tip bends to see what the tip speed (action) is. Depending on what I want to use the rod for the tip speed can determine if it is the right rod for me or not. For bass fishing if I am using a jig or soft plastics I want the tip speed fast to extra fast (tip bends without bending the middle portion of the rod) so I can get a faster, harder hookset. For crankbaits and spinnerbaits, I prefer a moderate to moderately fast tip to absorb some of the impact of the hookset and to absorb the surge of a big fish (tip bends with the middle section and gives a parabolic shape). This method is the way I select both spinning and baitcasting rods.

    For catfishing, I prefer a fast tip action in medium heavy to heavy power since I want a rod that will give me a good solid hookset along with the power to control the fish. Too soft a tip will absorb the amount of force you can apply on the hookset.

    Here are links to help describe it...


  11. I first decide what Length and Power I want. Then I look at rods from brands that I like: Falcon, All Star, Fenwick, Shimano, and BPS rods aren't bad. I look for a lightweight rod and make sure it is sensitive. There are a couple way to check sensitivity. If your shopping with someone, have them lightly scratch the tip with their ingernail while you hold the rod, you shoul dbe able to feel that. Another way (which I have never tried) is to have someone told the tip to their neck and talk. You may be able to feel the vibrations while holding the rod.

    The main thing I look at is quality. All the rods I mentioned above make a great rod, as do others but those are my favorite (and in my price range. :) )

    Hope this helps,
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    Do you guys think 1 vs 2pc rod affects things much? I always prefered 2 pc so I could break it down..Never gave much thought on the matter until now
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    After owning both for years, I prefer the one piece rods versus the two piece rods. To me, I feel the one piece rods are more sensitive as the rod blanks are continuous as oppose to a blank being cut into two sections.
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    There's no doubt that you get a better feel from a one-piece rod. It's just really tough to carry around a 7 footer all in one piece.

    When I first got back to fishing several years ago I didn't think rods made much difference. Boy, was that dumb! Now I have specialized rods and reels for every kind of situation I get into. For my favorite jigging I love a really light weight, medium-action, fast tip rod. I like the BPS Walleye Signature Series rods. I also had good luck with a BPS Enticer until some knucklehead (me) broke the tip in the car. Now it is 4 inches shorter and has a new tip but has moved down the food chain considerably.

    The funny thing is that my wife still thinks I use the same old Zebco Rhino spinning rod and Cherrywood SpinCast rig that I had over twenty years ago. Don't anyone tell on me!