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  1. I was just wondering if anyone ever fishes Pickerel creek, and what do you catch if you do get anything? It was starting to open up this weekend while I was rabbit hunting, and seeing the open water gave me an itch to do some fishin;) Cant wait untill March so Swantucky can show me how to get them eyes in the river. As always Thanks guys
  2. I grew up down there by Pickerel Creek. We moved down to the Bay in 1958 when I was three years old from Vickery. That particular creek and the bay are where most of my childhood memories of fishing and the outdoors started. Just about everything that swims in Lake Erie has been caught in Pickerel Creek at one time or another. But that was then... this is now. For alot of years now the mouth of the creek has become very, very shallow. So shallow in fact that I have to push pole my canoe across it to get out into the bay most of the time. Maybe I'm not hitting the right spots or whatever, but my opinion is that the fishing isn't anywhere near as good in there because of it. I could be wrong about that but I can tell you this... I wouldn't hesitate for a minute to give it a shot! Take plenty of bug spray!

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    A freind of mine has one of those creeks thats just west of Pickeral running through his yard, and theres a pretty decent white bass run when they come up the sandusky river. I imagine that other times, anything that can come up the bay can be in those creeks. Dang...I think I'm gonna make a road trip tomorrow. Hopefully it isn't froze shut.:D
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    some of those creeks use to hold a decent amount of Northerns....got into a few once in Johns canal, immediately west of Willow Point WA.,,,one of the pike was over 12lbs.....serious fun catching them in those narrow canals. we were thowin spoons, nothing but eyeballs & teeth coming to the surface as your spoon made its final exit from the water......u could prolly tie into them right now with a float & a big ol shiner.:B
  5. I fished the creek last spring or in the months end of March for Crappies. As said, in other posts the water at times really gets shallow and I use a port-a-bote 10 foot and at times have to unground myself.

    Out of three trips, it was the third where I checked different holes I found earlier and the Crappies were there.
    No way was it the Motherload but some good sizes.

    I brought my boat down stream from Rt#6 to avoid so much shallow water. I pack light as I can and use a trolling motor. Heading down the creek I did notice different fish mostly small crappies and white bass.

    The crappies tore up a soft bait called," crappie critter" in chart./glitter. The fun part was I would cast the bank and let it rest on the shore for a few seconds then slowly pull it into the water and let it sink. It never made it to the bottom most times.

    It's not fishing at its best ,but makes for an adventure and you will be all alone. You just about have to make the day of it.

    It is a shame though for if it were dredged at the mouth I'm sure it would be a crappie hotspot, but the last few years the water hasn't gotten high enough for much depth.

    Makes for a good, moment to memory trip.

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    The gentleman at Sassy sals claims that he has caught some decent bullheads on the creek. Take it for what it's worth.
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    Thats probably 90% of the fishing pressure.