Pic of my PB LM from Guntersville

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  1. Finally got my pic.s developed and though I'd share the pic of my PB 9.3 lb LM 24.5" long 19" in Girth.

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    What did you catch that hog on?

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    Ida taken all measurments & had a repo done with a Bass like that.

    NICE Fish, Nik
  5. I am having a replica made just saving up for it. 350.00 for the replica. But it is well worth it. I caught her on a 1/2 war eagle spinnerbait. My knees went weak when she jumped out of the water on me. I had to change my pants after I finally got her in the boat.
  6. Awesome LM and congrats. One of these days I hope to get into 8-12 pound range for my PB. I am sure most from Ohio would love a nine plus pound Lunker.
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    The stuff of all my dreams!!! I have caught a 7-pounder and hooked what might have been a 10-pounder (she jumped--and several people who saw it said it was at least that much), but she popped my line. Congratulations! And that's Guntersville Alabama, right?
  8. Very nice, I love the Big G. caught my biggest there too. the pic looks like it was taken in South Sauty?
  9. Great job on that Big Hog.Do you catch other Big Bass there as well? Good to hear you let her go.What day and time did you catch her?..Roscoe:B
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  11. We catch alot of big Bass there the average for our trip was 4LB+. If you ever get a chance to go in the spring or Fall it is awesome. Kind of ruins you though when you come home a fish our lakes up here.
  12. That looks like 2.5-3 pounder to me!