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  1. I would like to head up to PI tomorrow after work. Probably just stay the night and fish Saturday. My question is what is the best bait shop to go to, what is the name of that cheap hotel, and where would we suggest I fish out of for a mixed bag (I'm getting tired of catching gills and would love to hook into a northern or steelie)? Thanks for the help!
  2. If I were you I would PM..bassmastermjb...He is pretty knowledgable..When it comes to PI...I would check the snow level too...So far they had 120 inches snow this year..Not all that will be on the ground right now but may have a lot...Enjoy......Jim....

  3. I'll be up there Saturday with a few fellow OGFers... If you could, get bait before you head up there. I'm getting bait tomorrow for the trip up. Every time I buy waxworms up there, they're ratty and expensive.
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    I haven't been there lately but know they have been hitting Misery Bay pretty hard. My buddy was there last week, just lookin, and said he talked to a guy that had several nice gills, a few perch, and had caught 2 Steelhead. He said he had been to the other side of the bay, where the other pack of guys are, the day prior and was skunked.
    If you go you have to stay at El Patio, you just have to. ;)
    There is a bait shop on the same road as El Patio, 832, on the east side of the road before you get into the park. Can't think of the name of it, I just give him a bunch of money and never pay attention to his sign.
  5. We usually stay at the El Patio hotel top of the hill from PI
    64 on the weekend 54 sun- thur 10% discount if you show your fishing license

    Web site has links to the bait stores

    There's a bait store on top of the hill as well
    BAC some like it some don't it's convenient

    other tackle store that usually gets the thumbs up is Poor Richards

    Pumpkinseeds are the most caught
    perch can be good
    You hear of a few cappies
    Steelheads always seem to hear of a few caught
    Largemouth Bass always seem to get a few

    I'm heading that way this weekend for a few days I mostly go after the perch

    Hope this helps
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    Carl, great to hear your heading out there, that means your feeling well! (Or at least well'er) Wish I could make it there this weekend, I always seem to manage to miss these OGF fun days. :( I have a guy looking at a boat I'm selling Sat at noon and a bunch of kid things after that. Wish I could bring all the kids up fishing but I would need 4-2 person shanty's and another couple hundered dollars in gear. :confused: I can only afford a couple at a time, and it's tough to pick a 'couple' when the whole gang is staring me down. Guess I'll have to catch with my Bro Chaunc ;) another day.
    Hope you guys have a great, and productive, time.
  7. Thanks for the help, of course I will take any additional comments. I will try and get bait first if possibly, but I'll probably just end up sucking it up and buying it there. I remember last time, my dad took me a few years ago, the prices were really high at the bait shop. Probably the BAC. We stayed at the El Patio last time, I new you guys would have the name handy. We will probably stay there again if this all works out. Thanks again for the help.
  8. Maybe next weekend, we'll stay a couple days...

    Nick is coming along to help me out on the ice, along with Walt, Joey, and cfish, unless he has to work. I'll have lots of help.

    Should be fun. We're going to try the third parking lot, I think... We'll see what happens when we get up there.

    George, do you still have my cell number? See you up there.
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    Summersoff, If you wanted to pick bait up ahead of time Mumfords in Litchfield has been doing pretty good at keeping a good bit of live bait on hand. I've been suprised that pretty much everything live bait wise they've had it including a few types of minnows. They have red maggots (I recommend you try them) and she said, last week, she was ordering mousies.
    Don't know where you get yours in Wooster but Mumfords is not far.
    Good luck on your outing.
  10. Yup , I trust BAC for minnows only when it comes to bait. Their grubs can be iffy & they can be out of them as I found out the hard way. Bring your own grubs get your minnies there . There are a few hotels right before PI. EL is one of them.It's a sweet spot , rooms , bait , restaurants , and the Bay snuggled up all together. Can almost smell the pumpkinseeds now . :G
  11. Havent been up there yet this year but reports on the other board say there is 6-8 inches of snow in spots and 3-4 in others, probably start hitting it next week. Glad to see that youre getting out Carl.
  12. I vote for Poor Richard's for bait. Nice lively emerald shiner minnows and nice tackle. Coming from OH, it's not far out of the way. Nice people there.
  13. Rods are ready. Got the bait. Got the jigs. Got the snacks. Truck is gassed up. Vexilar batteries charged. Lantern is ready. Cameras ready with extra batteries. Got the two way radio (CH 6).

    Snow shovel packed too!

    There will be VERY little sleep tonight. Can't wait!
  14. Good luck guys!
    Been stuck in Indiana all week and rather be making the trip with you guys.
    Save some for next weekend.
  15. went up a couple weeks ago and did well in misery bay.Lots of real nice gills,a few slab crappies,and 6 huge perch.I got my bait the day before we left.
  16. Well, we're back...

    the fish won the day today for sure. Only THREE yes I said it THREE keepers today! we fished lot #2 about 300 yds out. LONG drag. Marked a lot of fish. I caught 25 or so perch... I keeper. Also, only 1- 9 inch gill. Nick got 1 keeper perch and about 8-9 dinks. Walt and Joey got skunked! can't believe it.

    We would have moved around more but the pull rope on Walt's power auger broke... Oh well.

    Still had fun, even with teh long tough walk in the snow, and I'll be looking for advice in teh right direction of where the fish are up there.
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    WOW, and I was looking forward all day to see some pictures.............Mark
  18. I was looking forward to taking pix too... We weren't in the right spot, that's all.

    We'll get em though, I'm sure of that! :)
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    Presque is the one place where the Aqua-view might be more important than the vex.Those gills don't like to leave the vegitation.Find the edges of the cabbage patches and you'll be on the fish.I need to take a roadtrip, those giant jumbos should be starting to school up in the channels..........Mark
  20. I think we walked out past the first weedbed and not quite far enough to the others. I agree that we should have moved more to find the weeds, but we were limited. Oh well, we'll get em next week!

    Depending on weather, I may be heading up during the week next week...