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    OK guys. You talk about PI a lot on this site. I think you've talked me into it. Going to give it at try 1/31 to 2/4 providing there is safe ice. I'm a well seasoned ice fisherman, but don't know the first thing about PI other than where it's located. Any info you could give me about best bait shop, where to stay, eats, watering holes, etc. would be appreciated. I have plenty of web site info on this type stuff, just looking for personal input. You can always PM me if you think you're giving away a well kept secret! ;) Oh, and if you could let me know exactly where you've slammed them and exactly how you did it that would be cool too. :D
  2. Dude theirs a PI thread a couple up from this one - also do a search - FishErie.com B.A.C. bait & tackle right up the street from PI , you have to pass this to get to PI.Some people don't like these guys - they are Greeks running with the MOB - "you wanta hot maggots buddy"! They seem alright to me I shop there. 3 -5 motels right there along with some food joints.
    BAC # 814 838-2850 317 Peninsula Dr. Erie Pa Chamber of Commerce Erie PA or something like that may help.I'll probably be at Misery bay.Look for the fat guy in camo bibs green down parka with a bad back walking funny or lying on the ice.If I'm lying on my back please roll my over so I can fish .:D