Pi 2/15

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  1. Guys,

    I just got back from PI and I'd like to tell you that I slammed them, but I'd be lying. I fished for 5 hours and only have 1 Crappie to show for it.

    I started out on Misery Bay at first light. There is a good 4"- 5" of ice but the water is real murky. I got the Crappie at around 7:00am at that was it. I made about a half dozen moves around the bay, but I couldn't find them. I wasn't even marking any on the flasher. After about 3 hours I gave it up and went scouting.

    I went out of the 2nd parking lot and fished all the way across the main bay. The ice is about 4" but there a few wet spots out in the middle. I fished every thing from 6 - 11 fow of water and only found water clear enough for the camera all the way across the bay betwen the pump house and the yacth club. I didn't see a darn thing. I never even got a bite on the main bay.

    There were about 30 guys on Misery and only about 10 on the main bay. I saw one guy by the Stink Hole and 2 brave souls out in the middle of the bay straight out fron Chestnut. Everyone I talked to was having the same kind of day. I did talk to a guy who said that they were doing okay by the marina.

    After 5 hours and about 50 holes drilled I called it a day. I hope you guys that are heading up this weekend have better luck than I did.

  2. Thanks for the report. Doesn't sound too good but I am heading up there in the morning. I may start at the first parking lot and see how it goes from there. I am probably heading back after sundown because the Sunday weather report doesn't look good.