Photos of the 8-16-17 night trip

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  1. Here are the photos of the fish I boated the other night I am not use to posting photos I hope this works out
    This is the 1st channel Catfish I caught on 8-16-08 It was 5.5 pounds.

    Here is MY BIGGEST CAT of the season so far, a 10 pound Channel cat. Boat it the morning of 8-17-08

    Here was the last catfish o fthe trip. This on was 8.5 pounds. It was on the cool side by then so I put on the poncho to break the chill.
    Here is another angle of the last catfish of the morning. I boated it at 03:35. It was a long night trip for but did have some action for some tired guys. I still seem to be missing something about getting the photos directly to the message intead of the hyper links??? ANY help with this would be appricted so I can do it right the next time I try this
  2. those are some nice looking fish now,bet your enjoyed that nite of tight lines,congrads on the catches.

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    thanks for the photos, i love night fishing for big cats. i need to get out and do it more.
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    Nice cats !

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  5. Nice fish...Congrats on a good night!!!