Photos from my best day on the river this season

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  1. Hopefully I get these photos upladed right this time. These are the 2 big Blues from my trip on 9-10-08. I did not take photos of the smaller cats.
    The cat on the left was 7.5 pounds. The other 3 photos are of the 17 pound blue. The 2nd photo the fish slipped away just as the self time was going off. that is aproblem when fishing alone and trying to take photos of the fish. Hope to get more of these guys this Wednesdy morning. Tight lines.

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    Pics are "OK" ;)
    I would say it looks bigger than 17

  3. The big cat was 34 inch and the digital scale came out to 17 pounds. That is what I went by. The smaller blue was 27 inches long and showed 7.5 on the digital scale. Hoppe to get some more Blues in the 7 pound or better range again this week. taking my fishing buddy and he has not cuaght anything opver 2 pounds all season. Told him to brace his rod for when these blues hit they can rip the rod out of a boat.
  4. Nice fish ;) keep at it bigger ones are out there waiting on u !!!!
  5. Nice blues. Thanks for the frequent reports.