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Photos for WKYC Outdoors

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Big Daddy, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. For the past few weeks, Meteorologist Betsy Kling has been pulling a few pictures from OGF and using them in her weekly "FISHING FORECAST" that runs both here on OGF and She's calling them "Fish Finders". Pretty cool, seeing your mug on TV...

    Anyway, there's going to be a new "VIEWER PHOTOS" page on the outdoors website of outdoors related pix. Fishing, hunting, hiking, ANY outdoors activity you can imagine, are open to submission. They, of course, will be reviewed by our webmaster prior to posting. ;) There's even a plan in the works to hold some sort of photo contest and give away prizes!

    Here's how to submit your pictures...

    You can email them to me at or and we'll get them posted.

    Be sure to leave your name, where the picture was taken, and what is going on.

    We'll take it from there.

    Also, any comments you have for us at WKYC Outdoors are greatly appreciated. You can send them to the email addresses above and we'll get them to the right folks. You can also email Betsy directly at

    Thanks and I'm looking forward to a full mailbox!