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  1. looking to get into wildlife im looking at cameras anyone know anything about digital cameras im looking to a SLR digital but i not know what make or model to get any help
    thanks mark
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    Check out the Nikon d40, they can be had for around $400 with the kit lens, the kit lens is only a 18-55mm lens, so its not great for long range shots, but it's a good starter kit. The body has plenty of features unless you're a pro. Better lenses can be had but get a bit pricey for the best ones.

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  5. If you plan on taking a photography class I would ask the instructor. Else I would visit the local library and find books on digital wildlife photography. It sux to find out months later you bought the wrong camera.
  6. After years as a professional photographer/video producer I always swore by my Nikons and their film cameras were great. I'm retired and my son, who is in the business, bought me a Canon. It's a digital Rebel & I love it. Now I have a BUNCH of neat Nikon film camera and lenses that I'll probably put on e-bay.

    Just keep in mind that the digital format changes rapidly and you could find yourself unable to view your photos. I was in the video production business and saw how often someone's tape of their kids could not be played. Can you say BetaMax? One thing about transparencies and prints is that they last. I have old photos of my family from around the turn of the century and we can no longer buy a card for my wife's Olympus. Just something to think about.
  7. marsh is right. The Nikon D40 is AWESOME!!!!!!! They have a lot of good reviews and a guy from work who is really into photography loves his. He let me borrow it for a vacation and I must say it is sweet. Easy to use, and also has a lot of extras once you become more familiar with it. Keep an eye out at BestBuy or CircuitCity. They often have a sale on the camera w/ two lens.
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    do some reasearch first...ITS NOT THE CAMERA THAT GETS YA ITS THE LENSES..........You might have a heartattack when you $$ lenses..I did

    I bought the Cannon 350D and wish I could afford a good lens for it....