Photography buffs, i need your help

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    hey yall... i know long time no see.... been out working my butt off lol havent had ANY time to fish this summer which bites big time but what can ya do when ya gotta pay the bills... but now i have some extra money saved up and its time for shopping! lol

    anyways im in the market for a new digital camera to upgrade from my kodak z710 and i want to get something that gets me more involved and more professional looking pictures and i was looking at the cameras we have at work(walmart in streetsboro yay!!!! 3rd shift ooorah) and we have the nikon d40 which is very nice from what i hear and we also have the new Sony Alpha A200 which im diggin

    the d40 is 6.1 mega pixels and the a200 has 10.2 mega pixels and from what i hear is a better image stabilization feature and a very fast auto focus and theres a very good selection of lenses out there. the one site i looked at says you can use any minolta autofocus lense with the a200.

    i know the nikon d40 is like THE entry level powerhouse but i recently heard its getting discontinued

    so what do i go for? current powerhouse thats on its way out or new kid that's packin some heat of its own? both are priced within a few dollars of each other so financially its a toss up. i do a lot of out door photography(alms,nascar and other types of races as well as wildlife and so on) as well as a lot of indoor and night photography due to my parents owning an event planning business(weddings birthdays baby showers you name it) which i do photography if you need an event planned or catered ;) ..... anyways any help is well appreciated.. THANKS!
  2. Hi Go with the Nikon very reliable and great optics. You wont be able to see the difference between 6 or 10 mega pixel unless you do poster size prints. The camera body is the cheap part buy good lenses and your pictures will look good. I have a D100 and have had no problems. I mostly shoot motorsports but do some nature stuff. Brian

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    I have been a semi-pro photographer for over 30 years. Since the dollar difference is apparently negligible, I'd go with the Sony. Sony cameras use Carl Zeiss lenses, made by the same company that makes the optics that opthamalogists use. Sooner or later you're going to want a higher resolution camera, especially if you want to do a lot of cropping. That's when the greater resolution will come in handy. Sony is an outstanding electronics company using outstanding optics. Easy choice. Sony.
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    i can't help much with the upper quality digital cameras but if you wanna get real fancy and spend the dough on a digital SLR camera, can't go wrong with the canon rebel. bought it for 550 bucks for the girlfriend last Christmas and it's amazing just how many options it has and how professional the simplest of pictures look
  5. DSLR cameras are really nice. If you just want a small point and shoot, canon or sony make great cameras. If you don't mind the size Dslr they are the way to go. Check out canon rebel xti.

    If you decide on a DSLR, check out what your friends have. I wish I would have done that first. Canon or Nikon are the top two. That way you can trade or borrow lenses with each other. I have a canon (which i love) and all my friends have Nikon.
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    I would go with the Sony. Just like billj said... right on the money.

    Digital technology changes so swiftly, you don't want a model that's on it's way out... ever. True, you won't be able to tell the difference in 6-10 megapixels now, but the technology catches up every four years or so...

    And, if you choose a higher resolution camera DO NOT CHEAP OUT ON THE MEDIA CARDS. Some of the cheapest ones will capture and write slower... find out which media is most reliable and has a good refresh rate. Nothing worse than waiting for your media card to catch up with the action. Watch out for the huge cards too - since they hold more - they are sometimes slower. I'd rather have a few smaller cards that are quick than a huge one that makes me wait.
  7. Whats the price on the Sony?
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    I have the Nikon D50 and have had some problems with it. It froze up on me a few times, had to send it back twice, they finally replaced it since they couldn't fix it.
    It's very easy to use and takes great pictures, but I sure was mad when I shelled out the big bucks and then had problems with it.
    No problems for about 2 yrs now.
  9. Just bought a Canon 40D. Big bucks, but oh so sweet. Did use and still have the Fuji FinePix S 9000 9 meg Point and shoot with 28mm to 300mm fixed AF lense. This is the next best thing to owning a DSLR you can find in my openion. One great camera and takes great pictures. Will never part with it. Photography is a hobby for me and I wanted to upgrade to a good DSLR so Icould change lenses and shoot at higher speed. The 6 FPS was what I wanted and Canon 40D had it all. The Fuji stays in the truck and is with me all the time and always goes where ever I go. The Canon is for special missions when I am out just to take pictures. The Fuji is my all around camera though. Check it out on Popular Photography.Com.
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    First of all, whichever you choose will not disappoint. Check out the Nikon D60. 10 mp and small like the D40. The number of pixels aren't that important for most people. I own a D80 and am very pleased. I can use older Nikon lenses too.

    I suggest handling the cameras and see which one feels the best in your hands. It sounds silly, but, try it.

    Camera bodies will come and go, but, you will use the same lenses for years, so, that is where one should spend the money.

    Check out some web sites for info.

    Good luck!
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    Personally, I would go with the Nikon. You can mount just about any Nikon lens to that camera, and while it might not autofocus, you will be able to take a photo. There are also a lot more lens options available for the Nikon. Many lens manufacturers make lenses for both, but they will make significantly more lenses for the Nikon than they will for the Sony.
    The Sony lenses are often way more expensive, for basically the same lens.

    For what you are looking to do, a d40 (the d60 would work too, but for the same MP, you could find a d40x, which is recently discontinued and is the same camera chassis without the dust removal and a couple other bells and whistles) with the 18-55 kit lens would be just about perfect. If you think you are going to want a bit more of a zoom, to get closer to wildlife, there is an 18-135 kit lens available that will offer almost all focal lengths an amateur would want to use.
    I agree that the best way to spend the money is in the lenses, but having a camera body that will accept just about anything rocks. You can buy cheap primes and even older zooms places like eBay or even at garage sales and they will mount to the camera.
  12. i asked about this a month or so back and ended up with the d40 and love it
    it takes very good photos
    now im looking for a good photo software the one that comes with the d40
    i do not like if anyone can help with is???
    thanks deerhunter
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    deerhunter, I assume you want photo editing software. I would recommend Photoshop elements. It is powerful software that does everything I want it to. Also, Nikon makes Capture NX for converting raw files and it would be best for Nikons NEF files. If your not shooting RAW you should read up on it and try it. I think the new version of Elements will convert NEF files.
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    Sonic..........its good to see you now here again! :) WB
  15. i am on my third sony. i bought the h9 last year. its the closest you can get to a dslr in terms of speed. tons of options too.