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Photo Editing Software / Ring Tone Maker Software

Discussion in 'Computing & Gaming Discussions' started by Snakecharmer, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. Browndom.jpg I had some photo editing software that came with a digital camera some time back. I have updated my desktop computer a couple times since and can no longer fins the software. What I am looking for is a photo editing software that can make cartoons from photos and also make new photos look like they were taken a century ago (sepia ?). Anybody have any products that they like that can do those type of things?

    I am also looking for ringtone maker software. I had a neat program but also misplaced it and the Ringtone maker dvd that I has won't install on a Window 7 or later computer. The ringtones I had were lost when I updated my phone and stupid me can't find them on my computer so it must have been on my the computer I replaced...Dang it... I liked having a cut from "Michelle" by the Beatles for my daughter Michelle's ringtone. "Welcome to the Jungle" for my son ( a G-N-R fan) and some Irish Tune for my wife. Part of the "Rodeo" song for my brother and a clip from a Pat Dailey song for my sister. It seems like most of the programs on the internet come with extra downloads and other crap that hoses up your computer. No free lunch I guess.
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  2. Any help? Maybe I need to post this in the lounge?

  3. Do you by chance have an Android phone or tablet? I will check a program I have on my computer and see if it will do the image effects you want.
  4. AtticaFish

    AtticaFish Jiggin Freak

    I downloaded the Pi Music Player (free) on my phone (Samsung) and can make audio clips from that very easy. Just upload from a computer and clip away. Are you looking for photo editing software for you phone or PC?
  5. I do have an android phone & tablet.
  6. Looking for photo s.w. for a PC.
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