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  1. Wanna try it tommorrow. Any one been there or heard anything as of late? Looking at the flow gauge looks like its down and stable, but i'm not all that familiar with this spillway. Have been there a few times. Heard the hill on the other side has eyes. Any info is appreciated. What is a good flow rate for this place? Last year Fished the shore down to the bridge But no takers down that way. Anybody go that far down to get away from the crowds when they show up? Thanks Dave
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    I normally fish the stretch between the covered bridge down to where the road ends at the last camp site.Lots of deeper pools,and wood cover down that way.You never know what you're liable to catch through there,I've caught plenty of saugeye,northerns,brown trout and even a muskie or two.When I'm wading close to the laydowns,I always see a lot of crappies around the brush too,but I haven't really tried for them.Rocknfish does real well on saugeyes below the Rt.3 bridge a ways too.Both of these areas require wading,or you're going to lose a lot of lures.We usually fish either CD4 Rapala's,or HJ-6's,save the twistertails for the dam!

  3. Last time i was down there i broke the tip off my BRAND new st. croix rod 15 mins. after getting there. Had to make the trip back up the hill to get a spare rod. All the river wading i do i usually throw cranks, they seem to produce a lot better especially when it warms up a bit. I've only fished down that far once but will defenitly go that way again. We did cross the covered bridge and hike back upstream towards the dam. WHAT a goat path. Good memmories though.