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Trolled most of friday- nothing, no rips and i even had an experienced troller on board! :D Didn't see any fish caught.

So sat morning i started hitting the timber and coaxed a dink out with a topwater... Little guy attacked it with fury! Unfortunately he was hooked in the top of his head! the line was wrapped around him and tangled in the lure... but he seemed Ok on the release, I didn't take him out of the water.
It was nice getting my first one on top even if he was only 25 or so. Threw everything i had from 5:30 till 1:00.. It rained off & on all day with great cloud cover...
Was back out at 5:00 until dark and got a chunky 15" Largemouth on a slopmaster- nice suprise right after dark... I thought I had 30-35 ski when he hit! :(

This morning, started early with topwaters/ then bucktails/ then my 20th or so cast with a jerk I had a little 30 come up and slam it 10ft from the boat! Saw the whole thing happen- just too slow on the hookset. It was kinda funny- it was almost as if he expected the bait to just get crushed in his jaws and he enjoys a morning snack- but instead he slammed down on it and "ouch!"- he takes his jaws off it and sits there for a split second looking at it like "What the heck did you do to me?"
At least my favorite jerk has got some character marks now!

Water temp was 73-76 and man was it slow. i saw one other boat get one.
All the trollers i talked to got nothing....
i still can't figure out Sat.. with all the mini fronts that moved thru FAST...??

Anyone else do good on sat? If so- what water depth did you get them in?
The dink came out of about 6' and the 30 was in 12'.

Summer time muskie seems much different then April/May. Still learning.

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Nice job, congrats on the topwater fish especially! I'm heading down in a couple weeks and figured the temps were down, but not that low. I agree, probably the longest post spawn period in a long time! :D
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