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  1. anyone know where I can buy some pheasants in northeast ohio
  2. The West Side Market has them, dead of course.

  3. I live in canton and you can get them down here alive.
  4. You can buy them in Edinburg. Its about 20 minutes from Akron. The guy has lots of birds and I think they go for about $7.00, hens are less. Quail are around $3-$4. Edinburg is a stones throw from West Branch.
  5. Go west of Edinburg on 18 about 2-3 miles(just before the Southeast school complex). Look on the south side of 18 for his pens. You can't miss them. Then take them to WB or Berlin and have a ball!-or better yet, to some priv. land where you won't have to share them with every TD&H.