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  1. Does anyone have any good recipes for cooking pheasant. I have three in the freezer, but don't really know how to cook them. I've had it smoked before, which was awesome, but am looking to try something else. Every grilled it?
  2. I just made some pheasant salad with 2 of mine. Same as chicken salad but substituted pheasant for the chicken. Great on crackers.

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    I love it roasted like a chicken. I usualy brush it with butter and put a few slices of bacon on it before I roast it to add a little moisture. A whole pheasant, big pile of chips, bread and butter, few beers...YUM!
    My wife makes pheasant noodle soup and pheasant pot pies with 8" pie shells and they are awesome. Same way you would with chicken, of course, just pheasant instead.
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    been years for me but i liked to roast them papaw,couple strips of bacon on top,salt and peppered in and out.stuffing with a few fresh herbs and onions with some orange slices won't hurt either;)
  5. I like pheasant when it is moist. Brown pieces lightly dusted with Bisquik, it will brown better than flour. Layer in crockpot. As you layer , add some of this mixture: Can of golden cream of mushroom soup, sliced mushrooms 6 or 7 large ones, sliced celery, sliced onion, ground pepper, soup is salty enough, splash of dry vermouth 1/4 cup is optional, any dry white wine will do. You can also use cream of chicken soup instead. Serve with asparagus and garlic smashed red skin spuds. If you debone the pheasant first, this is wonderful over noodles or biscuits. My son got home from a trip to South Dakota, will be doing this alot in the near future.
  6. Find a recipe for chicken marsala & just substitute the pheasant for chicken. Had some last night and it was awesome !!! My wife also found a recipe on line (maybe ODNR site) where you fry the pheasant & mix with an apple type glaze / gravy & it's mighty tasty, too.
  7. I like to make paprikash with it. Love the paprika/sour cream sauce over noodles and the pheasant makes it that much better.

    On the legs.....they can be quite tough. I take a pair of needle nose pliers and remove the tendons. You can work them loose at the foot end and then grab hold and pull out. You should be able to get them all out and it makes the legs easier to eat. I do the same with turkeys.
  8. That sounds delicious! Ever done similar with cornish hens, as they are more readily available?
  9. Thanks for all the replies. I wrote down several of the ideas to show to my wife. We'll see which one she picks.
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    Here's an easy marsala recipe... just made it the other day. Season flour with salt, dash of pepper, parsley, garlic powder. Lightly flour dead bird of your choice and brown in olive oil, until nice color and just cooked through. Remove meat. Add sliced shallots or onions, sliced shrooms and more oil When they are about done, add some chopped garlic.

    Now, add about 1/2 tbs flour and stir in. Then deglaze with about 1 cup of marsala wine. I also add a little chicken broth. Simmer a couple minutes, until the sauce reduces and thickens slightly. Add meat back to pan and stir in about 2 tbs butter, then serve over pasta. This is really easy to make.