Pfuny story(I think so)

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  1. I don't post much on here but thought everyone could use a chuckle:

    Many years ago, I took my mother-in-law and three year old son to the hospital to see my wife and second son who was just born by caesarian section for their first visit. We had to wait a few minutes for visiting hours to start in a crowded waiting room and #1 son had to use the bathroom. We walked down the hall to the men's room and after he was done using the commode, I told him to wait while I used the wall mounted urinal. Since this was his first time in a public restroom, he seemed quite intrigued by the shiny, bright fixtures but didn't say anything. After we washed up, he opened the door, trots down the hallway, and just as he entered the still crowded room, he yells at the top of his lungs-"HEY GRAMMA, DADDY JUST PEE'D IN THE SINK!"
    Everyone in the room was staring at me "bug-eyed", so I turned around and went back down the hallway to the restroom until after the visiting hours began!
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    misfit MOD SQUAD that is priceless.
    as the say............................."out of the mouths of babes":D:D

    can't say as i blame you,LOL.[/QUOTE]

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    That is a good one, kids are priceless !
    I have one for ya. My son just prior to turning 4 had a crown put on one of his baby molars. We went to Burger King one afternoon for lunch and he has to do the ordering, so he gives his order to the lady. She asks him if he would like a crown, he opens his mouth pointing to his back tooth and says,"No thank you, I already have one." The lady at the counter and I could not stop laughing. :p
    Kids are unbelievable with some of things they come up with.
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    :Danother great one.
  5. Heres another one
    my son was 3 and on christamas he opened the woody figure from the toy story movie and yelled out I GOT A WOODIE!!! We all rolled
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    :D :D :D
    well,at least he wasn't in a crowded waiting room:D
    glad i didn't have something in my mouth when i read that,LOL.
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    Those are some great stories. I am just waiting for my 2+ yr old to embarrass the heck out of me. They say what comes around goes around, so I know it's coming. It's just Gods way of paying us back for all the stunts we did to our parents LOL. :D
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    My family was vactioning in Pensecola Florida years back and we were watching the Blue Angels fly. There were 4 planes in a formation and my dad was filming saying some about the awesome and amazing formation, and then another plane joined in. My 4 year old younger brother yells and says that it is now a fivemation. Still funny watching that film.
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    My now 23 yr old son got a bus ticket during his first week of kindergarten. The bus approached the railroad tracks down the road from the house and the bus driver asked everyone to quiet down - twice. Nothing doing so my kid stands up on his seat and screams at the top of his lungs "Everyone shut the hell up!". It worked... bus driver said it got quiet as could be but that she still had to give him a ticket for using that kind of language. Of course, I couldn't understand at all where he might have picked that little saying up....
  10. about a month ago my 5 year old son and wife was at the store shopping and it was pretty bizy, my son picked up on the how to make fart noises from his cousin and was doing it in the store, well walking down one isle with a bunch of people in it my son does a fake fart noise and then proceeds to yell mommy that was a good one can we move before it stinks.