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    I have this PetSafe Deluxe Dog Trainer collar for sale. Bought it in November and have only used it a few times. We couldn't afford a fence when we bought our new house and watching my pup run in front of cars when I let him go out to go potty was too traumatic, so we used the collar to keep him off the road. We now have a fence so it's no longer needed! It has a warning beep as well as a 10 level adjustable shock function. The remote is handy and has a hook to hook onto your belt or pocket ect. The collar is it's original length, we did not cut to fit as we did not anticipate having to use it for very long.

    Bought it at home depot, here's a link to the product description:

    It's the little dog version, made for smaller dogs. Our pooch is about 35 lbs and we used it on about 7 to get his attention, so it probably wouldn't be good for dogs above 50 lbs. I have all the pieces including the test bulb.

    Bought for $99.00 new, asking $50.00. Will ship UPS for an additional $7.50. Will accept cash or paypal in person (New Franklin/Akron, OH) or paypal if shipping. No checks.