Petros lake in Canton

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  1. Wanted to know what its like to fish? Saw it was listed as a fall trout stock lake would it be a nice place to take the family?
  2. it has easy shore access to be able to take little ones. the trout are fun to catch. it also has catfish. if you ever go without the kids you can catch bass also, but the spot you have to get to to catch bass is not kid friendly.

  3. Where is this lake located in Canton?!$
  4. Its a real descent cat lake, i've caught real nice channels out of there and its a great shore accessable place to fish.
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    I take my kids every year. In fact, they usually remind me to take them. Good fun, easy access and good eating! I usually bake mine! :) I believe it's 5 per day. Not the same as steelhead limit (which is 2 this time of year)as alot of people think. Canal Fulton does it also, and they get the bigger fish...generally 11-14" where as us here in Canton get the 9-11" fish. I s'pose it's cuz they got mo' money out that way!!!