petro lake

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  1. anyone catch any of the trout three of us did not get any also know the 20 or so people around me had the same luck think it was to windy?
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    Im taking my stepdaughter there tomorrow to mess around. She is only 6 so she will have fun wether we catch any or not.

  3. it's not the wind. they were just put in on friday, it takes a couple days for stocked fish to adjust. monday the bite should be just fine. i've fished there every fall when they stock it, and the first weekend is always a tough bite. hope to see you there. PHATE
  4. I was out there from 7-10 this morning. Only got one but he was mighty tastey
  5. got my 5 today but had to work most of the day to get them
  6. Went there Friday morning. Caught my 5 by about two. Sure wasn't the turkey shoot I had imagined it to be, but still did well.
  7. Do we know how many they put in this year? I'm assuming 750 like they did last year.
  8. Thats what I heard from ppl there
  9. Has anyone had any better luck over the past week? Thinking of going back this weekend, but I don't want to waste the time if it's been cleaned out already.

  10. We was at petro again on sat. and again wind was bad not one between three of us also the people around said they had not got any and had only heard of a very few caught so far.
  11. go to where the rocks are. if you're standing on grass or sand, you're not going to get them when its windy down there. if you've been to the lake you'll know where i mean.