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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by JIG, Mar 12, 2005.

  1. I read today that PETA,people for the ethical treatment of animals, is tring
    to stop the sports forum in your local paper by e-mailing people too stop buying them! With its 1000000+ members its going country wide.
    They did a studie on fish and said they were above cats and dog on the chart for sensativity and smarts! Karen Robertson says" The recent discoveries
    are driving PETAs new FISH EMPATHY PROGECT and they lend strong support to move the columns into the dust bin! Anyone else read this? jig :cool:

  2. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Obligatory "people eatting tasty animals" post :D
  3. iwdavefish

    iwdavefish Fishin' Fanatic

    If we're not supposed to eat animals, why are they made of meat?
  4. gonefishin'

    gonefishin' Lifestyle Farmer

    but, I'll bet most of these people are pro pro abortion. This may make sense to someone but not me. Yet another survey we should take.
  5. If you guys want to get really PO'd at PeTA you should really check out a book called "ANIMALSCAM" (The Beastly Abuse of Human Rights). It came out in 1993. It will really open your eyes about how PeTA and other organizatioins similar run and the things they do to lure (deceive) people in to their organization. I used to own a copy but loaned it out and never got it back. You can find it on EBay for a few dollars.
  6. Miso_Ohio

    Miso_Ohio Green Eggs And Ham

    For all of you sportsmen that are comptemplating stepping over to the darkside because of the guilt you are feeling about eating meat check out this little rant:

    Guiltless Grill???

    Don't know if this has been posted before but I got a kick out of it, anyone who has ever farmed before would agree with this.
  7. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Miso, are you a Maddox fan as well? I love the guy, pure genious!
  8. That was damn funny to read. Did anyone read PETA's response? What the heck did they actually say? Talking in circles like they always do I guess. Confuse the enemy tactic maybe? I think they confused themselves along the way too.
  9. Miso_Ohio

    Miso_Ohio Green Eggs And Ham

    Never heard of him before I found that page, I am reading through the rest of his site right now and it is great. The 11 worst songs of 2004 is great and the cancel the 2005 academy awards rant telling us how good Dawn Of The Dead is had me rolling, I will have to go out and rent it again after reading that.
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