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Pet store animals cooked in school...

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by atrkyhntr, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. The original post was lost during the upgrade so here we go again...

    I think the kid may have goofed on this one but capital punishment for a brain fart could be going way too far...
    What do you think?

    Thompson Township - A Guinea pig and rabbit purchased from a Geauga County pet store ended up on plates at Ledgemont High School.
    A 16-year-old student skinned and cooked the animals during a living skills class on Wednesday, prompting student and parent complaints to the Thompson Township Police Department and Geauga Humane Society. Officials at both agencies said they are investigating.

    The incident may warrant animal cruelty charges, said Geauga Humane Officer Sarah Westman. She said it's illegal to needlessly kill "companion animals" raised for domestic purposes.
    "Something irrational and wrong happened," Westman said.
    Ledgemont Principal Beto Gage acknowledged that "misjudgments" took place but said the boy's actions are far from criminal.
    The student - whose name was not released - described what he did in terms of harvesting meat to fix a dish for classmates, Gage said.
    The principal described the boy as an active hunter. The Ledgemont district covers the rural communities of Montville and Thompson townships, where killing - and then eating - wild game is fairly common.
    The hunt, however, usually doesn't take place at Pet Supplies Plus.
    The boy went to the Chardon store and purchased the Guinea pig and rabbit after coming up empty in the great outdoors.
    "My skin's crawling over this," said Linda Schempp, a spokeswoman for the pet store chain. "We sell our animals to be family pets - not food."
    The student told Gage that he butchered the animals at home before bringing them to school and placing them in the class refrigerator Wednesday. His living skills teacher, Diana Stevens, sets aside that day for her students to prepare a meal of their choice, Gage said.
    The boy had asked Stevens if he could catch and cook a wild rabbit.
    She approved, providing he dress - or gut - the carcass before class, the principal said.
    A few students became alarmed, however, when the boy took two furry carcasses out of a bag.
    Stevens allowed him to skin the animals and go ahead with the food preparation. Those in the fourth-period class who didn't want to watch were allowed to go into an adjoining room, Gage said. Meat carved off the animals was cooked and then sampled.
    Westman said she's horrified that the school let the incident take place.
    "What are you teaching kids about compassion for animals if you allow something like this to go on inside a classroom? Westman asked. "This is way, way out of bounds."
    Guidelines in the living skills class will be changed to prevent a similar event, Gage said.
  2. Domestic Rabbits taste real good......When I was in high school we disected chickens and then cooked them up in biology class!

  3. so did the kids think it tasted like chicken?
  4. the thing i dont det is how come fearfactor isnt getting sued for animal crulity
  5. because they make money from it ;)
  6. steelmagoo

    steelmagoo Enjigneer

    The kid did nothing immoral or illegal. Maybe he could have shown better judgement than to use guinea pig because that was almost sure to tweak some folks sensibilities. The pet store chain spokeswoman's "We sell our animals to be family pets - not food" comment really sticks in my throat (pun intended). She must know that many of the mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, feeder goldfish, etc purchased at her store are intended as food for snakes, lizards, oscars, pirhana, and other animals. Most of which are probably available for purchase there. Would she or Geauga Humane Officer Sarah Westman feel better if the bunny and the pig had been torn apart by a pet monitor or swallowed whole by a boa?
  7. Orlando

    Orlando Set The Hook!

    I would rather eat rabbit and guinea pig than the cafeteria lunches served in schools!
  8. AndroDoug

    AndroDoug Duke of Bucketmouth

    Nothing was done wrong here. The kid lives in a rural area that stuff like that is common. So what if the rabbit was bought and not shot in the woods? Who cares! It is just another case of PETA and other sister groups getting a stick (er I mean red maple) up their collective arses!
  9. if the kid was a hunter. i dont think that he should be charged with animal crulity.even if he wasnt a hunter.
  10. Your comments regarding this matter should be sent to the two individuals noted in your post as well as to the local newspaper carrying the article.
    Would be interesting to see how/if they respond and the newspaper action, if any. My compliments for a truly well thought out reply. :)
  11. In Ecuador and Bolivia guinea pig is the same as Col. Sanders!Among the Germans and British rabbit is a accepted dish. What you see is the result of "programming" of young impressionable college girls as vegan/disneyites!!so they in turn want to change your world to their vision? God help us!!! :rolleyes:
  12. catking

    catking Banned

    This is called " Thinking outside the box" something I wish alot of kids could do now days. We would all benefit in the long run. I say , as before, give the lad an A+ and send him on his way.................... THE CATKING !!! :)
  13. has a follow up on the incident. The headline is "Animal group active after incident." I went to the papers website to cut and paste the article, it's not there. I'll highlight some of the "finer points."

    An animal rights group plans to organize pickets in front of a pet store and Ledgemont High School following the cooking and eating of a rabbit and a guinea pig in the living skills class on Wednesday.

    Rick Lertzman, chairman of the Public Animal Welfare Society's Ohio chapter said the group is yet to finalize the date and time of the picket.

    The Ohio chapter which has 10,000 members, is based in Lyndhurst.

    Lertzman said he and other officials plan to meet with school Principal Beto Gage to organize classroom discussions on animal cruelty.

    "Its time to educate our children that cruelty to animals is not right" Amy Beichler, PAWS' executive director, said in a statement.

    The pickets in front of Pet Supplies and the school are designed to bring awareness of cruelty and violence towards animals, according to Lertzman.
    Beichler said both the school and the pet store should take responsibility for "the barbaric act."
  14. All I can say to this ridiculous charge is be careful. These same folks will someday try to say it is illegal for anyone to kill and eat rabbits, squirrels, deer, etc.:rolleyes:

    The accusation said it was illegal to needlessly kill companion animals. Exactly what consitutes "needlessly kill"? As they said, he was eating it. If they were to simply kill it and throw it in the garbage, then perhaps he would deserve some sort of reprimanding. As was said earlier in this thread, some people like to try to control and shape everyone's lives.
  15. fffffish

    fffffish Muskie 1 Trolling Thunder

  16. Are any of the members able to get the E Mail address of the newspaper and same for the others involved in this? I would like to send my objection regarding these ridiculous charges to the individuals. :mad:
  17. catlover

    catlover Banned

    My cousin was part of a trade delagation to columbia in the 70's. The family he stayed with raised guiena pigs for consumtion. He told me they were not only well behaved, they were litter box trained and kept the house free of cockaroaches(which can get huge down there). He said they were a little drier and sweeter than rabbit. They also breed like, well, rabbits-ensuring a steady supply.
    Now this brings up another point..How much did he pay for those 2 animals at a pet shop? He did this because he was unable to get anything from the great outdoors,right? Now granted-the rabbit isn't really pushing the envelope that far. I don't believe that wild rabbits are available commercailly for food purposes, the ones you can buy are going to be farm rasied. But a guiena pig? Did the kid come accross a South American reciepe that he just couldn't resist? Was he a couple of pennies short of a roll, trying to make a statement or merely a wisenhiemer? They don't give those things away for free at pet stores; my guess, it was much more than a commercailly prepped rabbit at a supermart. And the guiena pig. Excuse me. Our little hero could probably have bought himself a couple of live maine lobsters for the same bux, and made more friends at the sametime.
    However: He probably wont't be forgotten for a while

  18. I am leaning toward PETA in this issue.
    But it certainly does not warrent the activists and politically correctors sticking their big nose in.

    I grew up in a hunt-skin, fish-clean family but never wasted any of the food.
    I picture my own kids being the ones doing the prep work here.
    Most school kids don't have a clue to the chain of events leading up to making a hamburger

    But the dark side of this issue is animal cruelty.
    Shooting sparrows with a beebee gun, killing critters with a magnifying glass, tying tin cans to a cats tail, animal sacrifice in cemeteries etc etc deserves punishment. I would have had my butt whipped good for doing any of these stupid things.
  19. I found PAWS' website.

    This little blurb is in the "Events" section of PAWS website.


    On most Saturdays you can find PAWS volunteers at the Aurora and Willoughby Petsmarts showing off our lovely adoptable animals

    I wonder if they would be picketing Petsmarts stores instead of Pet Supplies if the animals were sold from a Petsmart store.....Thing that make ya go hmmmmm....
  20. AndroDoug

    AndroDoug Duke of Bucketmouth

    Keep me informed of the time and date of the picket. I'd like to stop by. I'll give em hell.