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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by RiverWader, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. RiverWader

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    Does Anyone know Where I can get some dog collars made with my phone #, Addy and additional info , Either it being a person who makes them or a store,If you can get me a number or web site it would be great!
    Same thing for Aluminum Dog Boxes for the back of Trucks , I need one for Ranger,If you know someone who makes them or a place that sells them , Could you get the Number or Website for me .
  2. My local PetSmart has a machine that you put a dollar or two in, and type out your name and adress on a keyboard, hit a button, and it makes them.

  3. Gju42486

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    yep- het is right like always, any local pet store, or even walmart will have the tag makers, costs around $4 or so to get them done./
  4. CoolWater

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  5. Coulters dog supply in New Philadelphia carrys both. They will make them while you wait. You could probably call them and have the tags shipped, I don't know, but I get all mine there.
  6. Our local hardware stores offer a good selection on personalized collars and tags. Try them.
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    If you're looking for something extra durable I'd suggest buying one of the nameplates that can be riveted to a good safety collar. I know Littleking has a few of these with one being at least 3 years old and has held up very well at home and in the field.

    *Look under safety collars.
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    i made a metal tag for my dog at walmart or kmart. been 2 years and still very legible.
  9. Zfish

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    Some Walmarts, Pet Smarts and most pet stores have the machines and they do last several years and for about 5 bucks it's a great deal


    Were you wanting a dog colar etched with the info without the metal? I reread what you typed and I wasn't quite sure which way you were asking for.
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    Thanks for the replies everyone!