Personal Pontoon Boat for sale

Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by joerugz, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. joerugz


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    6 1/2 Ft. Inflatable Pontoon Boat
    2 and half years old
    Wieghs 45 lbs.
    250lbs Capacity
    Great for Fly Fishing, or carrying into your secret spot.
    Comes with one exta bladder, 2 oars, and 25 lbs thrust trolling motor.
    Licensed through March of 2009.
    Reason for selling: upgraded to an aluminum row boat.
    First $100.00 Takes it all.[​IMG],[​IMG]
  2. Snakecharmer


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    Who made the boat? Would you be interested in a trade for some fishing equipment?

  3. joerugz


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    I don't know who made the boat. The division of watercraft had to call down to Columbus and issue me a serial number so I could get tags. I believe its manufactured in China. The Sportsman guide said it was distributed thru Buffalo Tool. Thats all I have. I have re-enforced the all seems with either a weld on the metal or sewing the material. Its lasted me three seasons but I have only used it a few times this year. My hunting partner is now into fishing and I haven't fished alone in a long time, so we take my row boat to smaller water or his big bowfishing boat to larger water.

    I used it two weeks ago at Wyoga lake. I used to fish out of it 4 days a week a couple of years ago. Acouple times aweek last year, and like I said only a few times this year. I replaced the storage netting in the back with a hard deck for more storage. The only negative thing about this boat is I have had back surgery 20 years ago and sitting too long makes my legs act up. So I row to shore to relieve myself in more ways than one.

    This boat is very easy to row.