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personal best smallmouth

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by HaroldtheMeek, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. With temperatures in the high 90s i decided it might be a good time to get in some water last night.
    Hit a nearby spot on the little miami and caught a couple little smallmouth and two nice channel cats on a homemade crankbait. The cats were 23 and 21 inchers, and fought like heck.
    Just when it was getting time to leave, I snagged and lost the crank and decided to take a couple casts with my old standby, a 3 inch jigworm. First cast i got a tap, set the hook and thought Id connected with another big channel cat. Then she jumped and i almost had a heart attack.
    After two more jumps and a good long fight I landed the second biggest bass Ive ever caught. She measured 19 inches in length, and was 5 inches wide, from back to belly. Anyone have any idea what a fish like that would weigh?
  2. LMRsmallmouth

    LMRsmallmouth LMR Master Angler

    Probably around 3.5lbs for a smallie in our local rivers right now. Keep in mind...a 19 inch smallie is ALOT more impressive than a 19 inch greenie bass. 19 inch greenies grow on trees, a 19 inch smallie is a rare treat indeed....nice fish!

  3. sevenx

    sevenx "I sat by the river" N.Mc

    Real nice fish, As lmrsmallmouth said that is a great fish for the lmr basin. congrats. S
  4. 3-3.5lbs and a very impressive fish for the lmr
  5. id say a 19 inch river smallie is around 3.5 lbs or so... I also caught a smallie over 19 incher out of the LMR the other day... which was my largest for the LMR..Great job
  6. Mr. Basskisser

    Mr. Basskisser Hard Core Fishing Fool!

    Google "fish weight calculator". It will give you severals sites. They ask for length and girth and species. The fish in my avatar was 18.5 inches long, 12 inch girth. I got results that said 3.4 to 4 pounds. Good job on that smallie!!
  7. 3.5 to 4 pounds sounds better than 3.5 so thats what I'll go with.
    What did you catch your big one on 1badmthr?
    I plan to be back in the river by five oclock this afternoon, those fish seem to turn on when it gets really hot outside.
  8. LMRsmallmouth

    LMRsmallmouth LMR Master Angler

    Now Dave....I KNOW you didn't catch her on a
    (but I know what you did catch her
    I dont blame you for keeping it secret...hehe
    My next one came on a Vlasic Pickle....incase anyone
  9. hahah, no that fish i actually did catch on a have to try the pickle idea. ha
  10. rblake

    rblake What?

    bread & butter or dill, do you guys have gps coordinates you could give me?