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Personal Best smallmouth on the LMR!

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by 1badmthrfisher, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. Went out tonight with intentions of not doiing too well... so i didnt take too many baits..well i caught three fish over 12 " and one of them was an absolute PIG!!!!!.. One of very few times all year that I didnt bring my camera and boy do I regret it.... I landed a fish that was over 19 inches.... at first thought it may have been pushing 20 but I got the most accurate measurement I could anwhen i got home it measured a little over 19! I finally reached that mark!! too bad i dont have a pic...... i have landed several fish over 17 and a fair share over 18 but I am absolutely thrilled to have gotten this one!! Now Im after a 20!!!! but cant imagine them gettin too much bigger in there....GL out there guys!
  2. LMRsmallmouth

    LMRsmallmouth LMR Master Angler

    Congrats Dave....We did a float today, caught around 15. Decent day all in all, no pigs like that though!!

  3. Good job, I landed a five pounder about six years ago. My biggest was a six pounder I caught in Michigan. Ronnie
  4. nice fishing! and I thought it would be too muddy and cloudy. too bad my workday starts at 7am otherwise I'd get out there in the first light tomorrow.

    I went to a neighborhood pond saturday morning for about 1/2 hour and landed a bluegill and a catfish.