Perplexing, but serious problem!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by snake69, Jun 7, 2008.

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    Maybe one of you boat owners can help me out, maybe you've even had this problem yourself. My boat develops a very serious lean when I get up on plane. I'm at a total loss at what might cause this. I first thought it was distribution of weight, but have ruled that out. My batteries are both in the exact middle of the boat (neither left or right of center that is) my gas tank is centered, my anchors are centered up front and the misc things I carry are not heavy enough for it to run one way or the other. I'm thinking it's one of two things, either the fin(don't know the proper term) under the prop is bent ever so slightly to one side or the other or the prop is not "true". (can't think of the correct term at the moment) When it first occurred that I noticed it, I had a buddy of mine with me up on Erie and he's a bigger guy, I honestly thought it was due to his weight and have since figgured out that isn't the problem. Looking for serious answers and a solution.:confused:
  2. Probably is a combination of prop torque and weight distribution. My boat does it worse with 2 people side by side then with just me in it, doesnt make sense. The boat also has a hydrofoil on it and I have always just used to it running left rear heavy as it seems. Playing with the trim doesnt really help it either. If you follow a lot of boats, many will run left heavy.


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    I do believe I figured out and fixed my problem. I'm going out tomorrow, so when I hooked up the boat, I put the motor down and sure enough, that fin on the bottom was bent to the right maybe 1/4 of an inch or more. Assuming it's cast, I got a rubber mallet and hit it 3 or 4 times and it bent back pretty close to what it should be. I'll find out tomorrow I s'pose!
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  5. That fin is called a skeg. Our's is bent too, and boy does the boat list to one side, especially bringing up to and off of plane. Also, if there are any burrs on your prop, that can cause problems as well. Good luck bending it back, those are a pain to fix. Tried a couple of minor tricks with ours like putting it between two 2x4's and clamping it as well as beating it with a mallet. I thought about blow torching it to make it more pliable, then bending it back, but I'm afraid that would mess with the temper of the metal. Good Luck!
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    After trying it out yesterday, it seemed that my bending it back fixed it about 75%! I'll try to tap it just a hair more before I go out next time. Mine straightened out pretty easily with a rubber mallet. Didn't go beating on it, just good medium hits(not too hard nor too light??) about 4 times and it did the trick.