Permit for tournament?

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  1. I was curious as to the legal requirements for holding a fishing tournament.

    Ohio revised code mentions getting a permit, but it refers to a section that doesn't exist. (imagine that)

    It would seem to me that fishing tournaments would fall under gambling laws, unless specifically exempted. Only exemptions I could find was for "tag fishing tournaments" exempted by a permit.

    any info?

    (I never fished for any tags before ;) )
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    I used to be active in a local Bass club. We were required to get permits from the ODR for our club tournaments. I know some clubs don't but it is required or was a few years ago. We have even been asked to see the permit by the Park Rangers a few times at weigh ins. Its no big deal, as I remember there is a form to fill out . You give estimated number of boats , time the tournament starts and is over, who is putting it on etc.I think the real reason for the permit is it keeps from having several tournaments all launcing out of the same ramp at the same time and causing congestion.