Pere Marquette river on the fly

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  1. Just got back from Baldwin Michigan where I fished the PM. Caught 10 trout over a 2-1/2 day period in the 10-16" range. Hopper/dropper rig brought in the fish. At times those trout were dialed into any hopper and just waiting for a chance to hit the surface. The best dropper was a white legged copper john. There was a white cahill hatch one evening. Also caught numerous one year old steelhead smolt. They were 6-7" typically and really feisty. Stayed at the PM river lodge. Would recommend it.
  2. I used to fish the PM for Salmon in the fall but due to "access" issues I have not been back up there. Always parked near the Green Cottage and walked the river but the last few times land owners would scream, yell, threaten to have us arrested for tresspassing, and yes...even fire a shotgun over our heads becauce we were walking on the fisherman's path that was on their land. Believe me, we would have been in the water but some spots were to high to wade plus you can spot fish from the bank. Sounds like your experience was a lot more enjoyable than mine.

  3. yeah, the folks who own the property on the river are a bit over zealous about trespassing. It's way too tough to walk against that current, you must use the fisherman's path. I was told the big browns hide under the fallen timber in the stream or cutouts against the banks. I tried looking into the holes for trout from the bank but the riverbed is golden brown as you know and those fish blend right in.
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    PM lodge is nice but that's along way to go to catch 10 dinks IMHO. Used to fish up there a quite a bit for late fall/winter (NEVER spring!)steelhead and I can't make myself fish for trout anymore cuz I feel like a child molester hooking lil trout,TC1