Percy Priest and Old Hickory

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  1. fishingredhawk

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    I'll be fishing a tournament on Old Hickory next Saturday, and one on Percy Priest next Sunday. Never been to either lake. I'll post results when I get back (hopefully good news).
  2. Phil Carver

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    Good luck bro. I plan on hitting those lakes as well in the future. I am tired of getting the fact that the fish are biting there shoved in my face the last month! LOL Have a good time and drag his butt up here for the Clear Fork open April 19th! :)

  3. I'm jealous,I make a trip to Old Hickory every year.I have a good friend that is a guide down there on both lakes,he is originally from right here. There are a lot of bass in o.h.,we've had days of 20+ fish a few times. You're probably running out of Flipper's bait shop,which is quite a nice little store,most of the pro tourneys run out of there.anyhow,good luck,catch some nice ones!
  4. good luck mike,knock the heck out of them. save the arm for the big smallies at dale hollow march 27th.:):):)
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  6. Nickadams

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    Priest was on fire yesterday! 2 bags over 20lbs and about 15 bags over 15lbs. It is cold now, but warming up through the week and another rainey front is going to be here just in time for next weekend. The hawgs are comin' up...
  7. fishingredhawk

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    Thanks for the great advice!
  8. i'm heading to percy on april 4th. we'll be taking a guide for hybrids and stripers. i'll post a report.

    any fish there for hybrids or stripes?
  9. fishingredhawk

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    Just got back. Those lakes are awesome. The fishing was a little tough, but we still managed some decent fish.

    Day 1 on Old Hickory we caught 3 keepers (over 14 inches), but didn't bother to weigh them in. It only took 14lbs to win. What a sweet lake though...tons of back water. A flipper/pitcher's dream.

    Day 2 on Priest we also had 3 keepers (2 largemouth over 15" and 1 spot over 12") for a total of 5lbs. It took 11.5 lbs to win (on 2 fish). Again, no giants, but conditions were tough with 20 mph winds and low water. The majority of the field didn't even weigh a fish. The lake reminds me of a supersized Alum Creek.

    Overall I was happy with the experience and results since it was my first time down there. Had a great time with Adam. Thanks for putting me on some fish dude!

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  10. Nice fish Mike, I'm sure being down there this weekend made you jealous of Vance. Can you imagine getting to fish those lakes every weekend??
  11. Nickadams

    Nickadams goenfurshen

    Well it could have gone better, but we caught a couple anyway. The dissapointment won't last long for me as I will be on Barkley and KY lake for the next two weekends!
    Don't wait another 6 months before coming back down!
    BTW the guy from my club who qualified for the All-American fished the BFL on Priest yesterday and blanked, so it is safe to say the bite was a little tough. He has brought in 20lb bags from there in the past.

    Here is our fish from today on Priest.