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  1. Caught some perch recently at pymy and they were loaded with eggs and some had sperm. Would they be spawning now or soon and when would be the best time for catching them.
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    I am pretty sure that perch should be done spawning.I have always thought that they spawn under the ice.

  3. DNR said the eyes do too! Longer days makes them move shallow. Books say 40-50deg. Dont think its that warm but the feeders might be.
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    at pymy, it seemed that the walleye spawning run always peaked around the new moon in april. we would start wading about st. pats day (not this year) and be done by april 15th or so.
  5. i fished the irish hills lakes this weekend in se michigan. all the perch i caught all had eggs in them yet. i thought the spawn 2 times a year.