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  1. I was wondering if you can catch perch from shore or do you need a boat. I have never targeted them befor.
  2. You will definitely catch more in a boat, but in the spring and late fall they can be caught from shore. Some years are better than others. I remember a few years ago getting limits from shore at Edgewater or Headlands. Then I also remember years where you would be lucky to catch 5.

  3. i've caught my limit off the headlands wall a couple times... speaking of which, has anyone fished there lately? was hoping to go up sun. morning and catch a few perch or maybe steelies.
  4. Welcome to the fold, wolfenstein619. Now get up there and post your results!!
  5. went to headlands breakwall sun. morning. didn't start fishing till around 8am. only hung out there a couple hours since there were a lot of people, and we didn't see a single fish landed the whole time. decided to shore fish at ladue on the way home and my buddy and i caught about 60 fish in four hours. lots of white bass/perch? not exactly sure if i can tell them apart unless i see one side by side, but i'd guess bass. lots of 'gills about 10 yellow perch with a couple small bass and a 6lb channel cat thrown in. roasted sitting there in the sun, but had a good time. really wish i would have taken the boat up to erie after seeing how calm it was, maybe another time, if the hunting doesn't get in the way now.