Perch Madness

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  1. Perch Madness I keep hearing get into a bracket someone explain it to me and where do you get a bracket for Perch Madness:eek:
  2. What is Perch Madness???

    besides of some else eating all of it and you getting none....


  3. I am guessing he is alluding to "March Madness".;) I do believe he may have gone mad.:D:p
  4. moondog5814

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    Perch Madness is when you go out fishing with four other people and they all limit out and you get skunked. Believe it or happened to me!
  5. Humm come to think of this... This can work... for any fish.. on a huge scale... by measurments and pics... braket it out.. 5 bucks a guy.... every weekend... pic's due by Mon @ noon... Hummm best fish entry...per guy... winner takes all...

    OGF fish madness...


  6. Columbusslim31

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    LOL is this a "Slingblade" reference? :D
  7. Naw ...wasnt meant to be funny this time.. although now i think of it...thats is good ..LOL

    good Ole BillyBOB...

  8. HAHAHAHA...Reminds me of that old saturday night live skit with Emily Litella (Gilda Radnor). She gave the editorial during Chevy Chase's weekend update. She'd start by saying something like, "I'm here tonight to speak out against busting schoolchildren" (bussing). I can just hear her now...."What's this I keep hearing about perch (march) madness?"
  9. Yep, I hear ya! About the only thing left to say is..."Never mind":D:D