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  1. Are there any good Perch lakes around other than lake Erie.
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    I have caught a few decent perch out of mogadore but your never gonna find anything that compares to erie

  3. Findlay Reservoir No. 1 (Hancock Co.), Metzger and Ferguson Reservoirs (Allen Co.), Wauseon Reservoir No. 2 (Fulton Co.), Shelby Reservoir No. 3 (Richland Co.), Upper Sandusky Reservoir No. 2 (Wyandot Co.), and Willard Reservoir (Huron Co.).

    This is according to

    Not sure where you live, but these are in N.W. Ohio by and large.
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    i have never had the chance to fish there but earlier this year i read in a fish ohio magazine that pyantuning lake (maybe spelled wrong) was second to lake erie with both size and numbers. hopeing to try it myself this year. good luck
  5. mogadore has some very big perch in there just hard to find them
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    is there a time that you can catch giant perch from shore? i am willing to go to lake erie but i still cant get a boat.
  7. I live down the street from Mogadore. Does anyone know any good spots at Mogadore.

  8. Check out the "Mogashore" thread. There's a little bit of info there for you.
  9. There used to be perch at Wingfoot too. I caught a couple before it became a true hassle to get there.
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    Hello Fball Fisherman (A.B., right?)... Pleasant Hill has some, it's maybe 1 1/2 hrs from you, though. New London (off 224 W) also has a decent population of smaller ones.
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    pymatuning has been coming on with decent perch fishing since the walleye fishing tailed off. seems that mid to late fall is really good. have heard stories about both the north and south ends from mid october right through deer season, but can't verify. i do know that two years ago, during gun season, i stopped for about an hour a caught my largest perch ever, close to 12 inches. cold night, too.
  12. M.A where is pleasant Hill. Are we still on for S.F.
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    Pleasant Hill is in the general vicinity of Ashland/Mansfield. Maybe about 1/2 hr away.