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  1. castmaster00

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    has anyone been out on ladue latley? they have good numbers of yellows out there and i was wondering if anyone had gotten any out of the ice. i might get someone to take me. i need info though....
  2. fish master

    fish master 2005 senior member

    2 hours caught 65 perch most small but still had a blast. near the mosquito lake dam.:B

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  3. Nice catch Fish Master, not much better than yellow perch
  4. Ladue perch are only like 3-4" on average. not worth the bother, also i havent caught many while fishing there.
  5. mrphish42

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    FISH MASTER........Glad you got into some fish today. Since you said you caught 65 perch.....I didn't see you say how many you kept, or if you were fishing alone or with your son. I thought I'd mention that there is a 40 fish limit on perch on inland lakes and the only reason I'm even pointing this out is, you would not believe how many people I've talked too, only thought that there was a limit on perch for Lake Erie and they thought the rest of the lakes were not included.... I'm only bringing this to your attention....just in case.. Once again glad you had a good time........Jon Sr.
  6. Fisah Master how deep were you fishing and what were you usin im planning on taking my 7yr son in the morning he would have so much fun with the action like that
  7. I didn't even know Ladue had Perch!
  8. ParmaBass

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    Plenty of Perch in LaDue, but they're White!! I've caught a few yellow Perch out there, but never one larger than 5". Anyone have any ice updated for LaDue? It's almost ice out Bass time!
  9. fish master

    fish master 2005 senior member

    i was in only 3 to 4 feet of water, i only kept 4 keepers thru the rest back i just kept them to take pics, not very much meat on perch. i was using wax worms. they where even biting without bait. they where hungry. im going up there in the morning with my son. where i was the ice was about 5 to 6''.its going to be warm tomm,so i hope its good.
  10. bassmastermjb

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    What happened to the perch in LaDue? We used to fish it all the time in the 70's and 80's just for the perch, with very good results.The ice around the bridges were the first to go and we would just fish with crappie rigs-minnows and knock the crap out of them.They weren't Lake Erie jumbo's by any means, but 9" to 11" perch were common.Same went for the summertime.After a night of tipping a few drinks with the buddies we would head out on the small row boat not feeling very well.Laying back, catching some rays with the pole between the toes is what we did on Saturday afternoons.Same set-up with crappie rigs and minnows.We'd drift to wherever the breeze wanted us to go, and we always caught good numbers of decent perch.What is going on with our inland lakes? Same goes for Mogadore.These lakes are not overfished at all, so where did all the fish go?Maybe the ODNR should take a good look at them and start to put a couple dollars back into the inland lakes and give the Erie steelhead a rest for year or two before it's too late.........Mark
  11. tomb

    tomb Tom B.

    I didn't hit LaDue much this year, but ice fish it a few times a year normally. We usually catch lots of perch all over. They definately save a boring day. I've always considered LaDue to be loaded with perch, but they are small. I've fished it regularly since '94 and never caught over a 9" one. In the past couple of years the white perch population has definately exploded. It's a shame these invasives keep spreading, even if the lake is manmade.

    Bassmastermjb: I didn't realize the perch size had declined so. I do remember the crappie fishing being leaps and bounds better when I was a little kid. I can't see it being lack of food. We always see huge schools of shad swimming through while ice fishing. Also lots of those little shrimps? near bottom when the waters clear enough for a camera.
  12. bassmastermjb

    bassmastermjb The Lucky One

    The worst thing to happen at LaDue was the ODNR putting those White Perch in there.They've made it down the Cuyahoga and now own Lake Rockwell too.They are eating machines and can ruin a decent body of water in no time......Mark

    Tomb, in the early to mid 80's I used to ice fish down by the dam quite often.The perch fishing was very good and had many good times down there.When I had someone that never ice fished before that's where I would take them to get hooked.Great action all day long and good sized perch.
  13. esox62

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    Gee, ya threw 35 perch on a tarp, to take a kept,why wouldnt you just release the little 5 ffffin inchers as soon as you caught em ...please.
  14. esox62

    esox62 BORN TOO LATE

    ODNR putting white perch in ladue...?? man, i cant even believe that..i always thought they came from some jackasses livewell...!??!?! they have surely overtaken the lake shame...
  15. ParmaBass

    ParmaBass Kiss The Converse

    That caught me as quite odd too...
  16. hardwaterfan

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    from what ive seen this year mosquito is overrun with little yellow perch like ladue is overrun with little white perch.
  17. bassmastermjb

    bassmastermjb The Lucky One

    The white perch in LaDue were stocked as walleye food.
  18. neocats1

    neocats1 Team Catastrophe

    Time to stock some Flatheads to solve the overpopulation of bait fish.
  19. Are u sure, I really doubt that. there is yellow perch, shad, chubs, and other baitfish already in there. I'm sure the ODNR would not want to stock an invasive species just to give another food option for the eyes. I'm sure it was from another sportsman.
  20. gilligan

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    The ODNR would never stock an invasive non native species into an existing watershed. I heard the white perch were probably introduced in someones bait bucket.