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Saturday Mark and I went out of Rocky River around 10 am. Tried 40 ft due north and didn't get much. Went to 34 ft just west of the candy cane marker and got into non stop action. Big Sheephead, lots of white perch and white bass but also some decent perch. Saturday we went through seven dozen minnows but came home with two Fish Ohio perch and about forty other good sized perch.

Sunday, same spot was lame. Stained water and an under water current(East wind). Caught some decent perch but it was very slow. One guy coming in said he caught six for the day. Another guy said he did "good" by the crib in 48 ft but obviously didn't get his limit.

Saturday the lake was a little rough and Sunday was better in the late afternoon. Emerald Necklace Marina had nice shiners.



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