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Perch fishing on Grand Lake

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by MarkConner, Jul 10, 2004.

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    Can anyone give me any information on the best area's for summer perch fishing on Grand Lake?
    I have never fished the lake before but have been told that it offers good perch fishing.
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  2. I have seen them caught on the East and west banks alot. Try fishing off those rock eddys they installed on the east bank or on the west side near the spillway. Bubbahunter should be able to get you a better idea if you can catch him online.

  3. East bank is sheddin a few small perch as of 7/10, haven`t seen anything around the west side. we use to pull some nice perch at night on night crawlers next to the bridge at the hot water hole. not sure if anyone is haveing any luck right now,except for the catfish guys. there are a couple places that you could hit if you have a boat. if so let me know and i`ll point ya in the direction.

  4. bubbahunter,

    Thanks for the help. I will be fishing from a boat. I know nothing really about the lake. I have never been on it.
    I use to know a guy that fished it some years ago and he told me that it was a pretty good perch lake, if you knew where to fish. That guy is gone now and I'm looking for a new place to catch some nice perch. So after doing some internet searching I ended up locating this website.
    I will tell you up front that I'm from Indiana (please don't hold it against me, at least not forever). Perching is what I love to do, with bluegill fishing a close second but I have limited places to fish in central Indiana so I would love to fish something new.
    I live in Warren which is about 40 miles west of the state line. Grand Lake is about as close to my home as any of the top Indiana perch lakes so getting there is no problem.
    I have drove over to Celina a couple of times without the boat just to look the lake over and I really like what I see. It really looks like a great lake.
    Its just a really BIG lake so I just need some help on where to begin. I would be more than happy to share with any of you what I use for a perch rig if anyone is interested.

  5. When are you planning on making the trip over this way? If you let me know a couple days ahead of time i can meet up with ya and try to point ya in the right`s alot easier to do it in person than to try to type all the spots to try if one don`t pan out for ya.

    Don`t worry about being from indiana my wife and all her family are from there(portland). so i at least your not from michigan...

  6. bubbahunter,
    I sent you a email a little while ago. I hope to be on vacation in the next couple of weeks.

    If anyone else has any info, I would appreciate the help.

    Thanks and happy fishing,