Peoples opinions on the law shooting a deer and the wife taging it in.

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  1. When I go to the Athens and other areas. During deer season a lot of the locals shot deer and have there wife, father or Grandfather or so on tag there deer in. I don't have that big of a problem since they get taged in and recorded and paid for the tag and licenses.

    Why is it such a big deal on who tages it?

    I never understood the importance of it.
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    The following is from the regulations:

    A Deer Hunter CANNOT do any of the following:

    Carry the deer permit of another person.

    My interpretation is you have to tag your own deer. You have to check your own deer in at the check station, after reading above, looks like you have to tag it yourself too. Doesn't matter why, it's just the way it is.

  3. I have to agree. Trying to decifer the reasoning of every law in the books is just pointless. Yes, people have family members tag in deer, and yes it very much illegal. One could make the argument that as long as it's tagged in it shouldn't matter, and I have a hard time disagreeing with that. But, it's still not legal and that's all that matters.
  4. I agree with the above posters it is illegal.

    As far as why my first guess with Ohio being a one buck state it is to protect the bucks. If you could just have a wife, friend, whatever tag your deer what would keep someone from shooting 3,6, 10 bucks a year. We would not have the trophies we do in this state if that were the case.
  5. I am aware of it being Illegal. Yes, I do want to discuss the reason for it. Ever heard of Question authority? Is this an old law from the 60's when it was buck only. There is enormas #'s of deer in the deer heard. and it only gets bigger and bigger. What we can't discuss it General
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    aha! another can of worms for cabin fever discussion:D
    i tend to aggre with magis.i know it happens quite a bit,not only with spouses,but others,but law is law.
    that said,i really don't see great harm in using another's tag under certain circumstances.
    in a group situation(2 or more)if all are hunting together on private land,if one person kills a deer,and for some reason,another person agrees to tag it/check it,and sit out the rest of the season,i really don't see the harm in it.anyone who participates in drives knows this is not an uncommon practice.there are probably a lot more people who do it than will admit to it though;)
    then there are the landowner goes out and kills 7 deer and mom and the kids all make out a landowner's permit and take the deer to the check in station.same basic deal,which also happens alot,except the family didn't actually participate in the hunt.

    all that said,be safe,follow the law,and you will have no problems:)
  7. No, this is law in almost every state in the country. Even in states where party hunting is legal, they typically require the person tagging the deer to at least be within "shouting distance". It's more of a fairness law I believe. This law will never change.
  8. With the number of deer that you are permitted to take per person in the state now it would seem that the only reason one would do that is to double up on the bucks. Personally I think it is a big no-no. I can't help but think that the guys that would do that would also be the same ones that would break or stretch every law. If they ignore that one then they have no problem ignoring the legal hours, property lines, 3 shots per gun, etc.

    What ever happened to just simply following the law?
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    they just shoot it and have others tag it for more deer meet.that is illegal. the OTHERS never set foot in the woods !
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    though that could be one motive,i kida doubt it is the number one.i think most are just hunting for meat for the gang,and take many more does than bucks.again,i'm not condoning,but looking at the reasons for it.lots of people may only get one day to hunt and will give up his tag for some meat that he may not get a chance at.that is just one reason people may have,but i still believe overall,it's more related to meat than antlers.just like the landowner's deal.he just wants to feed the family.if they don't hunt,he can still(though not legal)simply have family members tag and check "extra" deer.
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    kill em all... let god sort them out.

    I am concerned with the ever increasing #'s allowed to be taken legally or in such circumstances being discussed that the deer population could drop dramatically and rather quickly. More does taken this year through anterless permits mean less deer and offspring next year... one doe out this season means 3 less next... since most does i see sport 2 little ones... take that out 5 -6 years... it could have a serious impact on the #'s.

    Just food for thought.
  12. Actually - all the folks I know of doing this indeed are taking "extra" antlered deer. The ones I know of simply can't pass a shot at a buck (or like the idea of taking 2-3 nice ones if they get the chance) and for some darn reason won't shoot does:( Just happens the worst offender of this I've heard of doesn't eat venison - go figure:mad:

    The limits are liberal enough that you can fill a deep freezer with meat and feed a family of 5-6 without ever breaking the law.

    I like the laws the way they are now - one antlered deer per season. I am not against a man killing a deer for somebody else - say your family member is injured or elderly. I am against taking multiple bucks as it doesn't help with population control and IMO we should protect our "big buck" resource in OH.
    If they could come up with a system of a doe only third party tag I would have no problems with it.

    Until they change the law - follow the rules!
  13. I am sure you may be right on the motive in some cases where someone may have been unsuccessful with his own tag but having the spouse tag one costs just the same as tagging it yourself.

    And as far as the landowners go that is a no cost issue anyway as they should be tagging all of them on landowner tags.

    I just think very few folks are going above the 3 deer that they are allowed in our zone (or 6 with the extra antlerless tags). I could tag 6 for my family which is far more than we will eat. My two oldest boys were hunting this year as well. We could have aimed for 18 of them.:eek: Ideally 2-3 nice size deer for us are more than enough.
  14. In NY you cannot kill a buck with the extra deer tag. But you can sign it over to another licensed hunted, in some areas you can't shoot a buck with less than 3-points on one side
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    brian,costs are really not the least in what i was point was "actual" hunters tagging for one another,where they all share the meat and not the guy who buys the wife who doesn't hunt, a tag just to double dip.
    same for the landowner permits.i know they don't cost,but i was just giving a scenario where the family doesn't hunt,but still use the permit law for dad to tag more deer.i do know people who do it.
    i really am not that much against a guy feeding his family,but as you pointed out,not many families will eat 18 in a year;)
    some may think the limits are too liberal,but with the high density,they do need to be controlled.
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    Man, I never said you can't discuss it....discuss it, geez. Question authority too while you're at it. I was just saying it's the law, follow it.
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    With hunters in the appropriate zones being able to purchase tags and take 4 deer per person the tag abuse is not for more meat it is for the harvesting of multiple bucks for sure. I've heard and seen this practice for many moons. Unless a guy wants more than his 4 legal deer to eat for the family there is no reason to buy mommy a hunting license and deer tag unless it's for mommy to check in a buck

    The exception would be deer tagged in with landowner tags, then everyone down to the newborn kills a deer each year.:)
  18. This could be good for the people who don't see any deer.The people shooting extra bucks are leaving the does to breed.Thus creating more deer for next years complainers.
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    well,i'll concede to you,kim.that could be more prevalent than i might have thought.i kinda forget about the multiple deer limits nowadays.i don't think i've hunted since it was changed fro 2 deer.
  20. Just wait until they go to the automated call in system. People will be taking deer home and not calling them in. All I am saying is that this will give them more reason to shoot more deer. Once they get the deer home, is it really necessary to call it in? That will go through many individuals minds.