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  1. Last evening and this morning I fished Spring Creek near State College. The water was low and clear, but the trout were abundant. They bit on terrestrials primarily, but I had some hits on a tan elk hair caddis. I caught most of my fish on a size 14 black ant. I used a 6x tippet, and smaller might have been even better in the clear conditions.
  2. I was in the State College area last week and didn't do very well. I fished Penn's Creek and a few brookie streams. I also fished Spring Creek and was skunked. The best fish was a 18" Brown in Penn's Creek near Coburn.

  3. The fish in Spring Creek can be very selective. Two years ago I lucked into one small fish on a #20 ginger quill, but what they were really hitting was a size 24 or 26 black gnat on 8x tippet. My best fish yesterday was a 16" brown, but I yanked my fly right out of the mouth of a brown which would have gone over 20". It is a good thing that I did not attend Penn State, as I would most likely have become a fishing bum and failed to graduate!
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    You may wish to PM a guy that goes by Wildbill. He ventures to Penn. to fly fish for trout. He has been doing quite well. When you PM him, tell him I sent you.