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    I had the good fortune of having two tickets gave to me last season for the Ohio State/Penn State game. It was a rainy/gloomy day and nothing was going right. We did pull it out, but I was concerned until our defense scored a couple of late touchdowns for us.

    Penn States QB has more experience now. They have some good linebackers. We travel to Happy Valley for a night game. This will be our first real test.

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  2. This is going to be a huge test. OSU is 2-5 against Penn St. at Happy Valley since they joined the Big Ten. I am a little concerned about this one, but our defense is too good. I feel it will be another close one with us winning by a field goal or less.

  3. I thought Washington was going to be our first test?, it was Purdue...or...uh, Michigain State? Seems we have a new first test everyweek. I don't think anyone will be happy until we lose one. After we passed our first three "first tests" then the team we played really wasn't as good as everyone thought. Could it be, just possibly, that we ARE #1?????
  4. Bottombouncer beat me to it...our first real test has come and gone about 4 times now. First it was Washington on the road, then Purdue on the road-at night, then Sparty was going to give us a run for our money (BTW that game was well in hand due to the lock-down defense the entire time). The Buckeye O lost focus a little bit, which can't happen if you want to be a NC contender. I don't doubt that PSU will be a tough opponent, especially in their house during a "white-out". Any team can be beaten in any game, so this game isn't a lock for the Buckeyes. This season has proven that more than any I can remember.

    BTW-the BCS has turned into a circus. All the hype over "one-loss teams". I can name (IMO)several "one-loss" teams and at least 1 "two-loss" team that should be in the top 6 that aren't. BC at #2-are you kidding? Arizona State at #4...makes me laugh. You can't tell me that's the best the Pac-10 has to offer. As a Buckeye team, I'd much rather play either of those teams than LSU (#2) or even USC (#12), West Virgina (#7) or 2-loss Florida (#13)...but I digress.;)

    The Buckeyes D will silence that damn recorded lion growl (you know the one they like to play incessently) to a minimum. Morelli would be 3rd string QB for OSU. If the weather is good Penn State will be held to 13 points. Look for Beenie to have another big day (not 200+ but over 100 yards). He's getting healthier and more confident. I don't think OSU is any more dominant a team overall than several others, but they have passed all the "tests" so far, whereas some good teams have not. The next 4 games will tell all. Aint college football great?

    Buckeyes 31
    PSU 13

  5. PSU's run defense is no pushover...ranked 9th in the nation. If Beanie can have a big day in Happy Valley then yeah, we're solid. If our running game gets shut down it'll be interesting to see how Todd Boeckman responds. Should be a good game.

    OSU 31
    PSU 24.
  6. I don't see PSU putting more than 20+ points on our defense.
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    Quoted for truth....
  8. Well, maybe next week we'll have our first "real test".....LOL...GO BUCKS....BRING ON THE NEXT TEST :)
  9. We won easily and i'm happy but dont understand Tressel's obsression with Mo Wells. Comming into the PSU game he avereged 1.5 yards per carry and didnt really improve upon that tongiht. I understand that Beanie needs a breather every now an again but Saine is better in all aspects of the game than Mo Wells so why not get him the game expierence? Other than that I really have no issues with the game besides our inability to pressure Morrelli at times.
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    Very impressed with the Buckeyes in this game. Their record against Penn State is not very good and the crowd is crazy over there.

    Overall, good game and great test for OSU. Now maybe the critics will back off a little, more than one "expert" thought PS would win this one.
  11. I am with ya there KWilson. I call Mo Wells the NO Welss, cause everytime I see him in the game I start screaming NO, NO, NO! I would rather see Marcus Williams than Mo Wells at least he runs downhill a little bit.

    Anyway great win for the Bucks. I am so glad I didnt have to listen to that stupid lion the whole game!

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    i reckon the naysayers will move PSU from the "1st real test pile" to the "ain't played anybody" pile.

  13. You know that's gonna happen. The next first test probably will not be until Michigan:rolleyes:

    The best thing about last night, that speak volumes of our offense, is that PSU has the 2nd best D in the big 10.....and we did not punt the ball one time. How many of these other top 10 teams can say they've gone a game without a punt? Especially playing a ranked team....WITH a good D...and AT their place!!!!!
  14. I almost nailed the finalscore!

    If OSU continues to play their balanced offensive attack and their defense continues to dominate, they have an excellent chance of running the table. Like I've said before any team can be beaten on any given day (or night) but this Buckeye team looks like they have more focus than just about any college football team I've seen for some time. The look on Beckman's face while he was under center last night pretty much tells it all. They are confident and focused on what the want to do. I think he made one bad throw all night and it resulted in a pick. I think he was 18/25 for 258 yd and 2 td (should have been 3). Bucky badger is always tough, and Illinois have a much improved team, but I see "The Game" deciding both the Big Ten Championship and if OSU goes to the NC Game.

    I hope BC runs the table. LSU has a tough schedule plus the SEC Championship game, so if they win out, don't be suprised that they jump BC, but I'd love to see OSU matched up with the Eagles. IMO they are the highest "overrated team" left near the top. They don't have a balanced offense and their defense isn't exactly fearsome.

    BTW-Where are the Florida Goiters going to be ranked after yesterdays butt whooping they got from U of GA? Oh yeah...they aren't!:D

  15. Tressel has said that the punt is one of or the most important plays in the game. I guess that Penn States strategy was not to have the Buckeyes punt the ball. HEH-HEH
  16. Great win in a very tough place to get one against a fine team!

    I am also NOT a Mo Wells fan, but the longer we can keep Saine a "secret", the better. Just gives us a weapon to unleash against Michigan who they won't have a ton of film on, & Michigan is SCARY this year.....nothing to lose, sort of a down year, & beating OSU would absolutely reverse their season......that's pretty dangerous in a rivalry.
  17. Saine isn't 100% healthy either, so I'd rather see Mo in there taking the shots during clean up time. Besides, they lined Saine up all over the place just to give opposing defenses something to think about. Save the "trickeration" for THE GAME !!! They look focused and ready ..... bring on the cheeseheads !!
    Go Bucks,
  18. I know Saine is not 100% and I have no problem with Mo Wells getting cleanup time, he just seems to be a momentum killer at times. Against Purdue I thought he played great, just cant break tackles, hard to be productive in a physical offense if you cant break tackles.
  19. I am not a big fan of Mo Wells either but I will say that he didn't have a bad game on Saturday. He popped a couple of holes up inside for some nice gains. He is in no way an RB who could carry the load for the team but he did provide a nice change of pace Saturday. I think he hit the holes just a touch quicker than Beanie which is where he got his yardage. He did have 4.2 yards per carry on 13 tries. That is acceptable to me.

    If Saine is indeed still not 100% then I don't see any need in sending him between the tackles until he is. They didn't need his services Saturday so don't risk it if in fact there was still an unhealed injury or he has not fully recovered from the surgery.
  20. I'd almost rather them punt than watch that dreaded dud try to run the ball. He hesitates too much before hitting the hole and then dont even really hit the hole hard. He was gonna transfer i'm not sure why Tressel promised him more playing time. Have you ever seen his high school highlight video? Its hands down one of the top 5 all time up there with Devine, Reggie Bush and L.T.'s......What a disapointment!

    Tressel should quit recruiting these RB's from Florida they always seem to never live up to expectations and struggle in the physical BIG 10 play.