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Pellet grill/smoker

Discussion in 'OGF Kitchen' started by laguna21, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. Walking out of the local hardware last nite I noticed some grills so decided to take a look.They were demonstrating some Traeger brand pellet smokers to promote for a fathers day sale. Really neat! I have a small electric smoker but would like to know if anyone here has one and uses also for a grill. Would be nice to go down to one appliance but it would need to heat when its cold out as we grill often in winter too. Thanks in advance
  2. bigraysr

    bigraysr bigraysr

    go to you tube and put in pellet smoker.

  3. Lady J

    Lady J

    We use them as grills all the time. Just realize that 400 degrees will be as hot as you can get them. Do burgers steaks, chicken breasts all the time. Traeger has excellent customer service. That said you can buy a smoker grill at rural king for a lot less money. Several of my cousins are using them,have had no problems with them.
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    Everything I've heard about Traeger's has been great, but I haven't seen one first hand. I'd have to look at the construction, heaviness of materials, etc. compared to other brands.

    My BIL grills all the time on a propane grill. Most would last 2-3 years, then he's buying another one! A couple years ago he broke down and bought a Weber four burner. Man! That thing is built! Heavier grills, lid, pan, everything. Said it was tough to cut the check for it, but it was less than he'd spent on cheaper grills the past 7-8 years.

    In some cases, you still get what you pay for!
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  5. Thanks for the input!! The Traegers do look well built, checked em out again yesterday. Cabelas brand is on sale and is supposed to heat to 600 degrees, great reviews too. May be time for a road trip!
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    Traegers are very nice but spend a few extra bucks and buy a big green egg. They are awesome, but I still have my Weber Preformer right next to it and use it more than the BHE.
  7. I have a lil tex jr from traeger and it is very nice for cooking about anything you can imagine. I have an older holland grill and rarely use in any more. The traeger to me seems to be the best way to go. Just my opinion!!!
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    I have a couple of Yoder Pellet smokers. If you are serious about a long term smoking hobby you need to look at a Yoder, cost more but there's a reason they win many BBQ comps. With 3/16th steel plate construction it holds temperature within 5 degrees, I've cooked on mine in single digit temperatures and it held temperature perfectly. It also can be used as a grill and cook over a wood fire with the addition of grill grates. Brand of pellets also make a difference. In my younger years I used stick burners, went to a lower end pellet popper and just about went back to stick burners. They have huge temperature swings. Just some experience thoughts. Oh and Yoder's are made in Kansas and that's as far as you have to go is you have a technical Problem.
  9. Looked em up and theyre real nice! Site says they have a dealer near Applecreek, gonna give em a call on Monday thanks for the tip.
  10. My only minor complaint about the pellet grills is that all of the food you cook on them tastes smoked. My wife does not like that taste in her grilled meat.
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    I would find a new wife.
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    Have you tried a mild wood like peach or apple?
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