peidmont report...

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  1. fished with rex and reeldirty1 on the roadbed and creek there at 7:30 and fished till dark!!! was seeing a few eyes caught but nothing till 3; a 15" on a clown vibe then dead!!!turned on for 20 or so min around 5 and got 3 more......around 30 guys out there... 3-5" of GOOD ice...heading to tappen tomorow!!!
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    good report let us know how you do at tappan.saw 2 guys out on the marina point about halfway out towards the other shore friday.

  3. We turned the lake into swiss cheese and jigged so much I think my arm is going to fall off. They were catching the eyes but it was slow. Saw one Musky caught and heard of a few others,maybe that's why the eye's weren't hitting. Seems like maybe the 1/4 and 3/8 vibes were working the best.
  4. check tappen post...hit it this am and heading to piedmont for eve bite!!! we ARE die hard!!!!!:D
  5. Afternoon bite wasn't so good. Wave had one keeper and a throwback. Me and Reeldirty1 nothing. Not that many people out tonight,the ones we talked to only caught small ones. Did stop at Cripple Creek on the way back from Tappen to get some Vibes for Piedmont. Get to the lake and realized I left them at home! Thanks Cory,he hooked us up. If the weather holds will be back next weekend if not sooner.